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All About Crystal Gridding

I’ve had a lot of customers & friends inquire about gridding recently. It can seem overwhelming or mysterious at first, but I promise you that gridding can be a very satisfying, enjoyable and effective tool & it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. I will go over the way I do crystal gridding and I hope it helps you to give it a whirl if you haven’t yet tried it!

Crystal gridding is at its most basic, placing multiple crystals in a pattern. You can make any pattern or design you like, color or draw a grid pattern on paper or you can use a purchased grid pattern as well. You can find amazing pre-made grid patterns in fabric, wood, copper, acrylic and even light up grids! I have reviewed a few if you want suggestions.

Sacred geometry patterns are common but you can literally make any design you prefer. The one thing it needs to have is a center point to place a piece of quartz. This should ideally be a generator or pyramid (something with a point facing skyward) but you could also use a tumble or even a chip-stone in a pinch. Quartz is the highest vibration crystal, that is why a type of quartz is preferred here. After all, the point of your grid is to raise energy. Having quartz in the center point of the grid will maximize the effectiveness of the entire grid as well as all the other crystals you include.

After you select both a center crystal and a design, you then need to gather the other crystals & stones you wish to include. If you are wanting a grid to draw love into your life for example, you would want stones that correspond to that. If you need some help or suggestions for which crystals to use for your grids purpose I highly recommend you read my past columns, I have covered many topics and give my favorite crystals for each one. You can use as little or as many crystals in your grid that you prefer. Get creative here and above all remember to have fun & follow your intuition. Sometimes you may feel drawn to a certain crystal & you don’t know why, I truly believe it’s because our intuition is telling us to work with it for a reason. So go ahead and include it. Even if you don’t think it goes with the theme. If you listen your crystals will start to communicate with you. They wont lead you wrong I promise!

OK, now you have gathered your grid or have a pattern in mind, and you have your crystals that support your intentions…now its time to find a spot where your grid won’t be disturbed (I have 4 cats so this is always important if I want my grid to stay intact). One other important tool you will need is a double terminated quartz wand to activate your grid. Double terminated simply means it has points on both ends. This is a tool to send & direct energy so is perfect for gridding. If you don’t have a double terminated wand, you can use your finger in a pinch. You can incorporate other materials into your grid as well. Flowers, sticks, bones, pine cones, etc. This brings another layer of correspondences you can incorporate as well. Plus, it looks very aesthetically pleasing. If you have a spinning table (lazy Susan) that is a genius way to do your grid, but any stable surface will suffice.

Now, you want to set your grid up.

First, it’s a great practice to get into saging all your crystals and the grid itself before you begin.

Next place the quartz generator or pyramid in the center point.

Then place your supporting crystals all around in the pattern you chose. This is all your preference where you place your different crystals. There is no wrong way to do this. So just give it a try. One thing I do want to point out is if you are using crystal points I would point them inward to the center of the grid if the grid is to draw something to you, and place the points facing outward if your grids purpose is to send energy outward to either the earth or another person.

Now you will say aloud your intention or dedication to this grid. If it’s for health, speak that into the universe.

Then you want to use the double terminated wand to first touch the center quartz piece, then touch a crystal on the outer part of the grid.

Working your way around or in any order that feels right you want to touch the wand to each crystal on your grid, while touching that center crystal between each crystal. So touch center, touch another, touch center, touch another and so on. You can use this process as a time to concentrate on your intention, pray, or to drop into a meditation. This process can be done once or you can continue it over & over as many times as you feel effective. I personally like to go around to each stone 3 times.

Now you are done and you can leave your grid up and activated for as long as you choose. If you leave it up for a long time I recommend recharging it or reactivating it every so often. If you decide you no longer need the grid you can un-dedicate it by thanking it for its service and say simply “I release these crystals from service”. Then your crystals can be used for another purpose or in another grid.

Grids are a great way to start working with your crystals. It can become a very relaxing and fulfilling hobby. I encourage you to try one, even if you only have a few crystals you can do a mini grid. Work with what you have to start, or if you think gridding is something you want to do often you can invest in more crystals and a nice generator & wand to use. Just don’t let not having all the things keep you from doing it. Your intention is the most important piece of this process. You can work with what you have.

I’d love to see your grids if you are wiling to share! I have a crystal group on Facebook called “Retha’s Crystal Circle” and if you haven’t yet you should join us! I always take pics of my grids & love seeing others grids as well! Thanks for reading & happy gridding!!

Love & Crystal Blessings


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