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The Magic of Azurite



I have been wanting to write about azurite for some time, as it’s such an important crystal it deserves its own moment. Azurite is one of the most potent and intense stones you can work with. So strong that Edgar Cayce credits azurite with being instrumental in aiding his many visions and predictions! This crystal will make itself known and stand out from the rest of your crystal tools as you start to work & focus on your psychic potential. To learn all about this truly amazing gem, read on!



Azurite is a deep blue copper carbonate mineral with a porous appearance. It is also sometimes referred to as “chessylite”, after the town Chessy-les-Mines” where it was mined in France. Azurite comes from Lyons, France, Australia, Chile, Russia and Bisbee, Arizona, USA. It’s name comes from a Persian word meaning “blue color”. Azurite is a sensitive stone having a hardness of 3.5-4 on the MOHS scale. It’s crystal system is monoclinic. It should be handled with care as it is soft, can fade in sunlight, and heat can permanently turn them black as they are converted to copper oxide. Its sapphire blue color has a tendency to fade lighter or become green when exposed to excessive moisture or ultraviolet rays. Important to keep dry and away from prolonged sunlight.

Azurite frequently grows with malachite and chrysocola. K2 is azurite in a granite matrix. Azurite also grows alongside lapis lazuli and light blue turquoise.

Azurite has a very feminine energy and is sometimes referred to as “the priestess stone”. It’s a wind element stone, but some also feel it to carry a water energy as well.



Azurite has been prized and valued since ancient times, and possibly before that. It’s been revered for thousands of years by civilizations all over the globe. Azurite was ground and used as a pigment in blue paint as early as ancient Egypt, and was the most important blue pigment used in Europe during the medieval and Renaissance periods.

It is believed by some that azurite was one of the most powerful healing stones in Atlantis. So strong that only the highest priests and priestesses knew the secrets of its use! Its use was kept shrouded in mystery, and is still somewhat of a mystery today.

The ancient Egyptians held azurite as a sacred stone and believed it to aid spiritual communication. High priests and priestesses used it to raise their awareness to a god-conscious state, and in rituals to channel the God’s. Cleopatra believed azurite gave her supernatural powers! Hey, if it’s good enough for Cleopatra!

The Mayans believed azurite facilitated psychic connections and made it possible to transfer knowledge between people, and between people and higher powers.

Ancient Chinese lore called it “the stone of heaven”, believing it to be a celestial gateway to spiritual heaven.

Native Americans used azurite to contact their spirit guides. It aided them in feeling their presence more fully and to comprehend their messages.

Azurite was highly prized in ancient Rome, Greece and the Persian empire as they all considered blue to be a sacred color.



Azurite is a powerful healing crystal. It specifically helps anything involving the head or brain. It helps migraines, headaches, dizziness, and vertigo and it even works on a cellular level to restore the brain, mind and mental imbalances. It also relieves sadness, grief, phobias and is a stress reliever. It can clear the mind and wash away anxieties and worries that we normally carry around on our shoulders. Azurite can help us avoid becoming paralyzed or hindered by fear or indecision, especially when we are faced with choices that have spiritual or emotional facets. Azurite also supports mental agility and promotes creative thinking and problem solving.



Azurite is great for throat problems, arthritis, joint issues, liver problems, the spleen, thyroid, bones, teeth, skin, gallbladder, kidneys, and aligns the spine. Azurite is also a detoxification aid.

Azurite is an amazing stone for any type of communication, especially communication between partners. Business partnerships as well as personal partnerships can really benefit from working with azurite. It helps You to find your voice and speak up for your self in a healthy way. It’s also a wonderful stone for students or anyone trying to learn and comprehend new information. Azurite is the perfect stone to aid you while studying or taking tests. It stimulates and expands the mind and intellect. It also enhances concentration and memory.

Azurite is the purest embodiment of the blue ray. It carries the exact same frequency as the third eye chakra, so therefore is perfect for activating that energy center. It’s also an amazing crown chakra stone.

Now to azurite’s greatest claim to fame! The energies contained in Azurite are able to connect our physical 3-D World with the unseen and unknown realms. This stone is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to develop clairvoyance or psychic gifts and powers. So naturally is perfect for seers, mediums, channelers, and card readers. It can seriously take your meditations, journeys, and visions to a much higher level. It can help you to enter a trance-like state, to access the akashic records, to recall past life memories, to receive downloads, and to communicate with your higher self and spirit guides. It also enhances dream work/dream recall, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. Azurite stimulates inner sight and helps connect us to the divine. Edgar Cayce has positively suggested that the properties of Azurite were a “closely guarded secret since times of antiquity”, and that he strongly recommended azurite for “physically advanced souls” for “further alignment to purpose and greater soul development”. That’s intense!

It also is said to help you start any new practice or project by sitting with a piece of Azurite for 20 minutes before starting. Azurite will help you to let go of mundane or intrusive thoughts as you enter into meditation or journey. 

Always practice good grounding techniques when working with azurite as some say azurite is so powerful it can cause palpitations when placed on the third eye. (If that happens remove and immediately start grounding). You may need to start slow and work your way up to using/wearing for longer periods of time. This is a good idea when working with any intense upper chakra stones. Don’t let this intimidate, just exercise some caution when trying new crystals.

Wow, that was a lot! See why I adore this crystal so much?! It’s been revered since ancient times by royalty, men & women of God, and us regular folks alike. Its true power is still somewhat cloaked in mystery. I find that very intriguing and exciting. Have you worked with azurite yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Go get you some!

Thanks for reading!

Love & Crystal Blessings



Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color, Stones, and Crystals by Dan Campbell

The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall



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