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It Begins with the Aura – An Excerpt from the Book Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic by Miss Aida

It Begins with the Aura

An Excerpt from the Book Hoodoo

Cleansing and Protection Magic

by Miss Aida



Have you ever seen paintings of God or saints or revered deities with a glow surrounding their heads? These depictions of light are energy fields called auras, something all matter and living beings possess. The radiance of the aura can emit different degrees of brightness or dim luminosity, as well as emanating different colors.

Auras act as shields, protecting us from outside negative influences that might affect our psychological and spiritual well-being. In many cultures and traditions, it is also believed that the aura protects our physiological status. There are thousands of depictions, especially in Eastern cultures, of radiance emitting from the chakras.

In the book How to See and Read the Aura, author Ted Andrews explains that the healthier we are, both emotionally and physically, the more vitalized our auras become, and, therefore, they will emit a stronger radiance. In other words, a healthy and happy lifestyle nourishes our auras. Unfortunately, when we are in a state of emotional or physiological “dis-ease,” our auras do not receive needed sustenance and become weakened and subdued.

Sometimes we can consciously see auras. This is especially true for children and those of us who are empaths or have been trained to do so. However, all of us unconsciously sense them. Numerous psychologists have told me that an abusive man can walk into a room with more than one hundred women and choose his next victim without any conversation. Although scientists call this an “unexplained phenomenon,” those of us in spiritual practices know that such an abuser can simply sense a suppressed or darkened aura. This explains why domestic violence victims will usually enter one abusive relationship after another if they lack the resources for professional help. It’s usually because they were “chosen” time and again by savvy victimizers.

We have a symbiotic relationship with our auras. If we take care of our aura, our aura will take care of us! A healthy and radiant aura will easily ward off minute undesirable forces and sustain our existing conditions, but we must, in turn, keep our auras healthy to maintain the protection that they provide. Therefore, it is imperative to be familiar with stimuli that may attack or even injure our precious shield.

Everyday Nuisances that Affect Your Shield

Simple attacks on the aura consist of any stimuli that disrupt our feelings of security, comfort, well-being, and normalcy. Such events leave us feeling invaded but not harmed. Think of it in terms of just having washed and waxed your car. Feeling proud of its clean and shiny appearance, you take it out for a drive but run it through mud. Your level of comfort has been upset because the car is dirty again—what a nuisance!—but it’s unharmed.

Common events or everyday negativity that upset us along these lines may include, but are not limited to:

  • Arguments and insults: There are so many types of insults possible in our societies and they var from verbal cues to nonverbal gestures. Everyday arguments at home, on the road, at work, etc., are attacks on the aura.
  • Envy: Envy is a negative emotion experienced by people who believe that they deserve what someone else has. Unfortunately, people who give in to this emotion might treat their targets with rudeness, arrogance, cruelty, and intrigue. They may even gossip about and slander those they envy. Yes, we know who they are because we can always sense their negativity—and that very negativity is also an attack on our aura.
  • Jealousy: This emotion must involve more than one person because it’s a threat, either real or perceived, to another person’s relationship. In other words, a person will view you as the threat to their existing or desired relationship. Jealousy will also trigger similar behaviors as that of envy and cause the same results to our shields.
  • Entitlement: Unfortunately, we can encounter people who are just plain mean, rude, and nasty; they have superiority complexes. They also lack respect and consideration for others, their boundaries, their hardships, and their need for self-preservation. Their presence causes extreme discomfort because they disrupt our sense of well-being.
  • Prejudice and scapegoating: Ignorance obviously causes prejudice, and this will lead to blaming the victim for the wrongdoing of others. Blame comes in many forms, from secretive or clandestine expressions in which the target becomes an outcast to open verbal or physical attacks. Even when nothing is said, the aura can sense the blame being casted. The “evil eye,” a gaze or stare accompanied by malicious thoughts, is one form of transmitting nonverbal spiritual attacks.
  • Mercury in Retrograde: Mercury is the planet that fosters communication. Three or four times a year, for a three-week period, it will appear to be moving in the opposite direction viewed from Earth. During retrograde, there is interference with direct or technological channels of communication. We will find that people either don’t understand the verbal messages that we are conveying or we misunderstand them. Often, computers break down or there is trouble with telephone transmissions. Whatever the interruptions are, we are left in a state of frustration and irritability.
  • Psychic vampires: These are the people who will pour out their problems into any compassionate soul lending them an ear. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, by the time that they have completely purged, they will walk away feeling refreshed and renewed, because they have stolen our vitalities, while leaving us feeling completely drained. It is as though they have sucked the life force right out of us. They have consumed the energy from our auras, thus, the term “psychic vampires.”

Haven’t we all fallen victim to at least a few of these incidents? The episodes usually leave us surprised, taken aback, angered, fearful, or in other states veering from normalcy. Our auras are slightly injured, and this will show up in our behaviors, our body language, and both the aura’s color and degree of radiance.

When our auras are attacked, we are subconsciously aware of the fact that something is wrong. However, if we are not consciously focusing on the fact that it is indeed our shield that has been affected, the injury instead manifests as a questioning of our own feelings of security, self-esteem, and self-worth.

These doubts, in turn, will make us vulnerable to further attacks from those who may intend us harm. Additionally, we can also hurt ourselves by inviting further injuries. The adage “Anything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong,” called Murphy’s Law, kicks in for spiritual injuries. What is happening is that we ourselves are inviting that bad luck. If we have had two or more consecutive attacks, we may believe that we are having a run of bad luck. If we truly believe it, then it is an inappropriate affirmation and it becomes an invitation for additional unfortunate incidents to occur.

Immediate cleansing of the aura after disruptive stimuli is imperative. Subsequent protection of the aura is of equal importance. It is as easy as taking a bath. What happens when we are dirty and in desperate need of a bath? Our motivation and self-esteem are slightly diminished. Our behaviors are sluggish, and our body language expresses our discomfort with poor posture. This, in turn, makes us vulnerable to the belief that our existing condition is offensive to others, and because that is our affirmation, others will treat us accordingly. After bathing, we feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and our self-esteem improves. Our body language changes to express the self-confidence we feel. Bathing eradicates the damage imposed from being dirty and prevents further harm.

Cleansing and protecting the aura will repair the injury brought on by minor attacks. A refreshed and protected aura, in turn, will provide us with the optimal spiritual immunity possible. It is our spiritual bath!

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