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Shadow Work in Dreamspace

Shadow Work in Dreamspace: A Guided Anahata Meditation

(Photo by Jake Buonemani on Unsplash)

Blessed night, all. I had just woken up from shamanic dreamspace and I thought I would share with you my experience and interpretation of shadow work within dreaming. This was a bit intense and the information given was a little difficult for me to take in. But I know well with my line of work when it comes to shadows, it is something that is always needed.

This dream started out in a church I went to once with my friend Victoria as a child. Oddly, though this is where Lammas monologues were being held. If you are not familiar with the Monologues, each year on Lammas (midsummer) we gather online or at mother church; Aquarian Tabernacle Church in a three-day festival where we invoke a deity and set our ego aside so they can speak through us. This is also auditioning for upcoming pagan festivals through the year.

I was on stage and dressed up in feathers, very Celtic and a depiction of a dark goddess. Before I go any further, dark is not always negative nor of evil nature. It is through the dark goddess and deities of the underworld in which we receive the lessons that help us grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Invoking a deity of the underworld or death is not unusual for me as I find the energies of death to be comforting, however I was speaking in a very heavy Gaelic accent and the words came out of my mouth “I am Morrigan”. At this point I was looking at myself from a third person perspective and I did not look like me. I was yelling the words “I am Morrigan” like a warrior would about to go into battle. I had long, dark curly hair and was thin with a completely different face and makeup. But, I was wearing what I was wearing right before invocation, raven feathers etc.

…. This wasn’t me I was looking at, it was Lady Morrigan and she had completely taken over my astral body in dreamspace.

Morrigan is not one of my patrons. Well, now I guess I can say she WAS not one of my patrons, I will be working with her. This is the first time she has ever presented herself to me or reached out. I will have to meditate on this with dreamspace, because I wish I could remember everything she said. From what I do remember, she started talking about some issues, I’m assuming worldly as this is what I remember and I felt she was talking to the human race. “I am proud and I see your efforts. I see the changes you are making.” She did also infer that there was more work to do. This was the end of invocation.

The dream then went to my kids and I in our old apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A friend was with us and I’ll keep his name to myself for his privacy, but he is My husband’s very close friend and one of mine too. He is a very good person and one of my newer-found friendship bonds. I looked out the kids’ old bedroom window and saw an Asian Black Bear, the type of bear that was black with a white patch on it’s chest. It was rather peaceful at first, it ended up inside the apartment. This bear was resting on the couch with all of us for a good while before out of nowhere it attacked my youngest son, Noah.

At this point, I grabbed my kids and pulled them into another room for safety. That room did not look like any room in our old apartment. Age-wise when this happened I saw myself as my teenage timeline. Me being about fifteen years old energetically, I again looked out the back window and saw our friend fighting off this bear with his bare hands. He did not have a weapon, he did not have armor, he did not have a shield. He was wearing nothing but blue jeans, a blue tee-shirt and work-boots. He grabbed the bear by the neck and wrestled it out the back sliding glass door. He came back inside a little upset with me.

This is where my dream had ended.

As for interpretation, shadow work comes in many ways. These ways always include accepting and coming to terms with those negative aspects about ourselves in which we do not usually want to see nor accept. I believe this is something Morrigan wanted me to see as with death, it doesn’t always mean physical forms of death. A lot of the times, this is letting go of something no longer serving our greater good and allowing a new door of personal growth to be presented to us in which we can open and successfully walk through.

In dreamspace, a black bear being presented to us can mean we are stuck in our past, especially if this bear becomes aggressive representing negative, repetitive thoughts creating a reality we are afraid of having. In my case, this would be a correct break down. I have been worrying quite a lot lately if this friend whom saved us from the bear had actually liked me as a person. I fear a lot if most anyone does actually like me as a person, meaning I do not feel I am well “loved”.

This dream had shown me three indicators of holding onto a traumatic past in three different age timelines from this current lifecycle. One would be holding onto childhood emotional trauma, as I was in a church where I felt uncomfortable at the time I had visited in waking life. The second was at a home where my youngest child had a near death experience. The third, I was a teenager where during that age timeline I had experienced most of this lifecycle’s emotional trauma.

Dearest Lady Morrigan and this bear gave me a reminder that we create our own reality. Our thoughts have magic, whatever we put out energetically comes back to us threefold. This can be positive creation magic, this can also be negative. If you think one negative thing so much, you will end up manifesting it into reality so the universe, deities, karma and guides can show you first hand just how irrational these thoughts are and how much they are not there for our greater good of the self.

All of the trauma combined had left me with a complex, the feeling and thoughts that no one likes me. I was shown tonight as a reminder that this crippling anxiety is not reality, but I can make it so by not allowing myself to be loved. Our friend had saved my children and I from a bear in dreamspace with his bare hands, because in waking reality, I am loved by him as a friend. Thinking about it more, I am starting to believe that Morrigan may have been directly talking to my shadow, she knows this inner-child healing process is easier said than done, the effort and progress is there. I still have a ways to go, and that was made clear. Those last words were a little difficult to take in, as I thought I was over this issue. But, I am in gratitude for being shown this shadow work and being reminded of Anahata.

Anahata is the heart chakra and one of the biggest things I have been working on through trauma healing is the right to be loved. Just as you have the right to love, you have the right to be loved. A lot of times, this love needs to come from the self. My morning ritual after devotionals with Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary consists of chakra balancing and affirmations. Below is a guided meditation in my morning routine when needing to heal the heart chakra.

Open a window in your home so the negative energies can leave and start by surrounding yourself with white light then root yourself. You can do this by pulling a golden energy light from the atmosphere into your crown chakra at the top of your head. This golden energy is called Chi or “universal energy”. Everyone and everything runs on and is made of this energy. Imagine the chi flowing from the top of your head through your entire body. Open your root chakra then your crown by seeing red at the base of your spine and white at the top of your head bloom and grow. Visualize this golden energy flowing through your entire body. Head, fingers, toes, everything. Watch as your arms, legs and whole body glow golden. From there visualize roots from the bottom of your feet going down to the core of the Earth. This is called rooting to cleanse yourself. Allow that golden chi to flow from you and out of the roots into the molten center of the Earth. Repeat something in your own words along the lines of “I give my energy to the Earth for filtering and cleansing. I am doing this for my greater good. Let this energy in my body become mine and mine alone and cleanse me of what is no longer helping me for the greater good. I feed the Earth for filtering.” Allow the chi to continue to flow to the center of the earth and visualize your body and roots becoming your own energy. From there open each chakra from root to crown. State an affirmation specific to each chakra and always start from the root up to crown visualizing each chakra color opening, aligning and glowing.

Root (red): I am

Sacral (orange): I feel

Solar Plexus (yellow): I do

Heart (green): I love

Throat (blue): I speak

Third eye (purple): I see

Crown (white): I know

Allow a warm green mist flow from your heart chakra and surround you from the inside out, gifting you a shield of loving protection energy. With two fingers; middle and index in both hands. Tap your heart chakra on the middle of your chest physically with your right hand and your third eye between your eyebrows with the left repeatedly and at a comforting pace until you feel both hands become synchronized. Speak out loud, as I said prior our words and thoughts have power in creation magic. Set this intention as is you currently have, never “I want or I need” as this will not have proper manifestation effect if spoken in wants and needs. These affirmations will have to be affiliated with the heart chakra and love. You can state anything you wish, but this is an example of what I affirm:

Anahata, just as I have the right to love, I have the right to be loved. I exercise my right to be loved. I love others as I wish to be treated. I am loved by those who I am surrounded by. My heart is whole and mended. I am at peace. I am calm. Everything around me is created and made with loving intentions.”

Keep going until you feel your own sense of love and peace, and stay in meditative space until you are ready to come back to waking life. This mediation can be used to heal each chakra the same, but when healing other chakras, make sure the mist comes from the chakra and color you wish to affirm and heal.

Remember, you are never alone, you are loved, you are beautiful in every single way. I hope this mediation finds you well.

Goddess Bless


About the Author:

Raven Ebonywing serves as the High Priestess of Creation’s Grimoire Church of Wicca in Bentonville Arkansas and student at Woolston-steen Theological Seminary. She also serves as the Microsoft Teams Events Coordinator for Aquarian Tabernacle Church International and is a member of the Benton County Interfaith Alliance. She can be reached at [email protected]

Raven Ebonywing serves as the High Priestess of Creation's Grimoire Church of Wicca in Bentonville Arkansas and student at Woolston-steen Theological Seminary. She also serves as the Microsoft Teams Events Coordinator for Aquarian Tabernacle Church International and is a member of the Benton County Interfaith Alliance. She can be reached at [email protected]