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Book Review – The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism: A Modern Guide to Healing, Tools and Ceremony by Rebecca Keating, BScN

Book Review

The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism

A Modern Guide to Healing, Tools and Ceremony

by Rebecca Keating, BScN

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

192 Pages

Publication Date: July 20, 2021



The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism is one of Fair Winds Press’ “The Ultimate Guide to…” series. It is a visually lovely book, with rich watercolors from Roberta Orpwood beginning each section. Rebecca Keating has organized the book into three parts: History and Principles of Shamanism, which covers origins and history, shamanism of the modern day, shamanic principles and shamanic energy medicine. Part II, Tools from the Natural and Unseen Worlds walks us through creating sacred space and introducing ceremony, the five great elements, the crystal and mineral kingdom, and plant spirit healing. Part III, The Way of the Shaman (a nod to Michael Harner’s groundbreaking work?) covers shamanic space clearing and blessing, shamanic journey and trance states, shamanic practices for accessing altered states of consciousness, sacred plant medicines, healing tools of the shaman, and deeper shamanic practices. There is a very light reference section, but no recommendations for further reading or investigation.



This book left me wanting more -more information about shamanism and more specific, referenced information about how the “frequency and colors of the energy bodies and chakras are changing and new chakras are coming on line” as the energy rises on earth, for example, and how Keating knows that. She asks the reader to accept many of her statements without evidence or example. I truly wanted to know more about Keating’s experiences with the practices she describes. Keating makes many generalized statements about shamanism, its history and practices and what shamans do and how they think. But she does not share how she knows this or how she herself has experienced living the “shamanic life” she describes. She gives us an insight into her journey work with butterfly medicine only at the very end of the book, but by then, she had lost me with the generalized rehashing of what many others have written about shamanism. That’s too bad. There is little that’s new in this book. If you are looking for an introductory guide to shamanic practice, you would be better served by either of these, which give you tools to work with and practical ways to use them: The Shaman Box and Shamanism for Every Day.

Rebecca Keating is the creator of Shaman Sisters®, a global website distinguished for offering high quality crystals, gemstone jewelry, and other sacred tools. She holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Rebecca has immersed herself in shamanic studies from numerous traditions, including Celtic, Andean, Toltec, and Incan shamanism, and she is a mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition. She has trained with teachers from around the world and under Indigenous healers and Shamans in South America. Rebecca is a shamanic practitioner, energy and crystal healer, HeartMath interventions practitioner, ecstatic dance facilitator, sound healing practitioner, and kambo practitioner. Her website is


The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism: A Modern Guide to Shamanic Healing, Tools, and Ceremony (The Ultimate Guide to…, 11) on Amazon


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Susan Rossi is a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanic Arts. She is a long-time explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body, spirit and how to live in right relationship to all of the energies streaming through the cosmos. She works with clients as an astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom that each of us has the capacity to access. Her focus is on guiding clients to unblock and rediscover their inner wisdom. Art, exploration of the birth chart, ceremony, legacy writing, hypnotherapy, energetic healing practice and creation of sacred tools are integral pieces of her practice.

Susan trained in Soul Level Astrology with master astrologer Mark Borax. She delights in exploring with individuals the planetary pattern under which their soul choose to incarnate.

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