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‘Magical Houseplants’ Excerpt from The Witchy Homestead by Nikki Van De Car




The following plants are ideal for placing around your doors or windows, in your bathroom or kitchen, in bedrooms and at the entryways—their energy and support will permeate your home.



These ethereal plants can help protect your home from invasive negative energies. They’re also very easy to care for—they like humid weather and will thrive hanging on your porch in the summer, as long as you give them plenty of water. They prefer indirect light, as they thrive in shady, secretive nooks.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Ferns will keep your home happy wherever they are, but if there’s a certain room where you sit and read the news or where you feel especially vulnerable, set a fern close by, and it will help keep you safe.

CRYSTALS: Black tourmaline, hematite, and obsidian all work well with ferns.



This fragrant white blossom is a little tricky to grow indoors, as it needs a lot of love—but it has so much love to give in return. You’ll need to water often and keep the air moist, but a happy gardenia will bring so much joy into the home, as its lush scent lifts the heart.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: A gardenia will want to be in the sun sometimes and in the shade sometimes, so keep it in a pot that can be moved as necessary.

CRYSTALS: Support your gardenia with apatite, peridot, sugilite, and sunstone.



Whether you want to have it growing directly on your house, around your entryway, or contained indoors, ivy will protect against negativity and help you feel secure in the sacred cycle of life.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Ivy is extremely hardy and will do well with occasional watering and a few hours of sunlight. You can keep ivy on a shelf and let the tendrils drift down.

CRYSTALS: Support your ivy with moonstone and selenite.



Popular in feng shui, the jade plant is much like the jade stone—it attracts wealth and inspires your work ethic. Jade plants need a fair amount of sun, so make sure they receive four to six hours of direct sunlight each day. Water them often in the summer, but you can taper off in the winter months.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Keeping jade by your desk or your front door will help you stay motivated.

CRYSTALS: Jade responds well to jade!



A plant for romantic love, depending on the variety, jasmine’s scent will permeate your home. Night-blooming jasmine in particular can bring a spark to your relationships. You can move your jasmine between the indoors and outdoors, keeping it in a sunny spot on the porch in the summertime and protecting it inside in the winter—and you may well get a winter bloom.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: If you have a warm, sunny place in your bedroom, keep jasmine there, but you can also have it in your kitchen or near your front door, where it will infuse its energy throughout your entire home.

CRYSTALS: Jasmine works well with garnet, rose quartz, and smoky quartz


Lucky bamboo

Another plant popular in feng shui, lucky bamboo attracts wisdom and positive energy into your home. It’s technically not a bamboo—the Latin name is Dracaena sanderiana, and it’s very easy to care for. This plant needs a bit of water every now and then and a full water change every few months or so.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Lucky bamboo can tolerate low light, but will grow best if kept in a window. Try a kitchen or living room window.

CRYSTALS: Support your lucky bamboo with apatite, aventurine, citrine, fluorite, and jade.



These long-lasting blooms require very little light and can invite pleasure and gratitude into your home.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Orchids do well in bathrooms where they can receive moisture, but they will be happy in bedrooms as well.

CRYSTALS: You can support your orchids with chrysocolla, peridot, rose quartz, and sugilite.


Peace lily

This houseplant is popular for good reason—they are fine with partial shade and can tolerate fluorescents, so you could even keep them in an office space. They are also incredibly forgiving—if you forget to water them, a spritz and a good dowsing will perk them right back up. They can remove toxic energy from the home and even reduce headaches.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Discourage any pets from snacking on peace lilies as they are slightly poisonous, so keep them on a shelf or end table.

CRYSTALS: Support your peace lily with alexandrite, amazonite, bismuth, selenite, shungite, and turquoise.


Spanish moss

This airy, ghostly hanging plant is fantastic swaying in the breeze of a porch or draping down a window. It needs frequent spritzing and lots of water, but in return it will offer its protection, warding your home and keeping it safe.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT: Keeping Spanish moss near entryways is a great idea, or if you have a window overlook­ing a street, Spanish moss will stand between you and all that is outside.

CRYSTALS: Obsidian, pyrite, and smoky quartz will work well with Spanish moss.



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*Reprinted with permission from The Witchy Homestead © 2021 by Nikki Van De Car, Running Press.

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