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Sad Passing of Lora Gaddis of Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids, Legacy Lives On


Lora Gaddis, creator and editor of Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids, passed away from an aggressive cancer on the 8th February.

It was Lora’s last wish that the magazines be archived and made freely available to children.

To this end, Cheyanna Ireland kindly archived and organized all the back copies for children now and in the future. Please read the caveat and follow the link below. Enjoy Lora’s last gift.

This archive is available for people to download for their own personal use and to share with friends, use in groups etc. No permissions are given or are to be assumed for any part of the magazines, or any of Lora’s other works, to be used out side of this stipulation. Nothing on any of her websites / social media is to be cut and pasted, copied or reprinted elsewhere, sold or otherwise used without permission. Any queries re: Lora’s work should be directed to her family, Linda Moore or Amanda Storms. The copyrights of all of Lora’s works pass to them. The copyrights of contributors to Pooka Pages remain with the individual authors.

Link to Archive:


We at PaganPagesOrg would like to say Farewell & Heartfelt Blessings to Lora Gaddis and Her Family.  She showed us every kindness in the beginning days of PaganPagesOrg.  She believed in us. We remember you always. Rest Peacefully.