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I Am – Poetry of Angela C Wood




I am a good eclectic witch

and I embrace my natural gifts

enhancing life to manifest

with open hands, I will get


I am a caring natural witch

open to my powerful shift

accepting in my colourful flow

and changing in each step I grow


I am a gifted joyful witch

deserving my practical myth

creating me a future life

from within has taken flight


with harm to no-one

so I will it, it will become

with Angela’s majic

this spell is done


*(Photo by Adrien King on Unsplash)



About the Author:

Greetings it’s nice to be able to introduce myself: I am called Angela, I would like to invite you to view my published poetry, available on amazon. Please feel free to follow the link:

I have a few poems in anthologies and literature booklets, but many of my poems are self published on KDP. Contact details: [email protected]

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Safe Journey Fellow Warriors

Angela C Wood