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Make it so – Poetry of Angela C Wood


Make it so


think it so and it will come

the dreams that cannot hide

believe it will and make it so

the pictures you see inside


you have the power to create

anything you need

realize and generate

that thought that was the seed


become the life dreaming big

passing on you sum

make it so this is your will

think it so, it will become


realize your dreams come true

the blessed ideas that come from you

release the thought as it is done

believe the thought it will become


*(Photo by Timothy Perry on Unsplash)



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Greetings it’s nice to be able to introduce myself: I am called Angela, I would like to invite you to view my published poetry, available on amazon. Please feel free to follow the link:

I have a few poems in anthologies and literature booklets, but many of my poems are self published on KDP. Contact details: [email protected]

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Safe Journey Fellow Warriors

Angela C Wood