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Amethyst helps us go deeper with our spirit work this time of year, and is a main crystal of Imbolc.

Imbolc also called Saint Brigid’s Day or Candlemas or Oimelc, is the Pagan Sabbat based on a Gaelic traditional festival celebrating the Spring. It symbolizes the halfway point between the winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara). The word “imbolc” means “in the belly of the Mother,” because the seeds of spring are beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth, or Gaia. To celebrate Imbolc, some modern day pagans focus on celebrating Brigid by setting up an altar with the symbols of Brigid, like a corn husk doll, white fowers, a bowl of milk, and candles.



Other pagans aim their rituals towards the cycles of the season. Some people do house cleaning rituals as a part of getting ready for spring. Find what is right for you to celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the return of Spring.

One way pagans have celebrated has been using Crystal Magick; whether that’s carrying a pocket pouch filled with tumbled crystals, setting up a crystal grid with the crystals of the season, or making your own wearable crystal grid necklaces and bracelets to wear at gatherings and for ritual purposes. Not one to tell anyone how to do their own magick, here are a few crystals that this author uses for this time of year.

Some main crystals for Imbolc are; Amethyst, Bloodstone, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Golden Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, Moss Agate, Moonstone, Sunstone, & Ruby.



Amethyst: a great all-purpose stone, but especially helpful for cleansing the mind, body, and spirit, and starting fresh this spring.  This stone has been believed to promote sobriety and have the power to quell a range of other physical appetites and indulgences. Amethyst is often used during meditation to provide an overall sense of spiritual balance.

Bloodstone: A stone of courage, purification, and noble sacrifice, bloodstone has a long history of use for its healing properties. It can transmute negative energy into positive energy, while repelling negative energy at the same time, making it an incredibly powerful protection stone. It’s great for physical and mental rejuvenation and general cleansing purposes.

Citrine: is a yellow to golden brown form of quartz that gets its coloration from lithium and aluminum molecules. It has a strong, vibrant energy and many absolutely LOVE working with this stone! It’s warm, expansive energy can really help to get your creative juices ?owing. Plus it helps to support you as you work towards manifesting abundance, wealth and prosperity in your life. Citrine was chosen because of its golden color, which represents the bread and grain that nourish and nurture us (just as Brigid does in her role as the keeper of the hearth and home).

Best Crystal to get when you’re not sure? Simple Quartz is a wonder stone and should be every Gem Witch’s fallback, just like white candles for candle magick

Clear Quartz: A stone that’s helpful for almost every sabbat, including Imbolc, is clear quartz. Truly this is an all-healing, all-intention stone that can be used in Imbolc spells and rituals for clearing one’s mind and aura. For focusing in on New Year’s goals and intentions. And, interestingly, the name quartz comes from the Greek word krystallos which means “ice”. The ice is beginning to melt on Imbolc, so why not use clear quartz in conjunction? Also a wonderful tool for scrying and other forms of divination.

Moss Agate: This is a stabilizing stone that will help anyone to see the beauty that is present around them. It has strong connections to abundance and will bene?t anyone who works with plants or in agriculture. Moss agate can be planted in ?elds to help to ensure the success of the year’s crop. Crystals can also be planted in vegetable patches, gardens, and plant pots to keep the plants healthy and productive. Sickly plants may also bene?t from a moss agate crystal being buried close to them. Moss agate works like a magnet to draw abundance of all kinds. For example, it can be used to draw in new customers or to help a new business get started on good footing. Keep the crystals in your workspace and in areas concerned with the business such as ?ling cabinets or cash registers. Wearing or carrying a moss agate crystal in your pocket while working on business matters such as accounts, spreadsheets, or advertising is also considered to be beneficial.

Moonstone: Known by many as a stone of new beginnings, moonstone is perfect for this time of the year. It has strong connections to the moon, intuition, and fertility, and brings receptive feminine energy to all situations. Emotionally, this crystal stabilizes the emotions, improves emotional intelligence, and helps us to leave behind old emotional patterns that no longer serve us well. Moonstone can be used to alleviate issues related to the female reproductive system and menstruation. It is an excellent choice for premenstrual tension, boosting fertility, and for use during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding.

Sunstone: brings light, energy, luck, and good fortune to all who own it. It can be used to help remove other people’s hold over you on a mental or emotional level, including possessive or intruding parents and past partners. It can also be used in cutting tie to anyone from the past whose behavior may still have a negative affect or who bring no good into your life. Sunstone is an empowering crystal that is ideal for anyone who ?nds it hard to say no to others’ requests and demands. The sunny energy of this stone is believed to be helpful for those struggling with seasonal a?ective disorder and can help to increase feelings of self-worth and confidence, Brigid is linked to ?re and ?re is linked to the sun. And because the sun is slowly making its return to the sky at this time, sunstone is an appropriate Imbolc crystal. Connected to our solar plexus, sunstone aids in boosting our vitality, con?dence and health. At a time when we likely need it most – during the cold and ?u season. And during a time when we’ve been shut indoors avoiding the cold and harsh weather. Wear sunstone on Imbolc to brighten your day and amplify your rituals.

Ruby: is believed to promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge, and wealth. It has been associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor, and compassion. Thought to be an especially protective stone of the home and family,  ruby perfectly resonates with the spirit of Imbolc as a time to honor the domestic. Ruby is also said to stimulate the heart chakra and bring spiritual wisdom while shielding against psychic attacks, clearing your mind so that you can blossom with the coming spring.

However you choose your crystals, and however you use them are up to you, but keep in mind the season and the reason behind the sabbats as you create your crystal magick. And please share your crystal platers, crystal grids, and everything Imbolc you do with your crystals on the PaganPagesOrg Facebook page! Let’s inspire each other.


About the Author:

Jonathan has been reading Tarot for over 33+ years. He has had many teachers, and has experienced many Spiritual Truths. He even had the honor of teaching a Beginner’s Tarot Reading class!

He has swam with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, and Whales in Hawaii; ran barefoot in the jungle with the Ticos of Costa Rica; danced the Naraya with the Shoshone; Prayed at Buddhist Temples in Thailand, China, and Japan; wandered the green hills of Ireland, studied Acupuncture in China; and has had many more adventures!

Jonathan’s love of the Tarot started when he was in Summer Camp (in New Jersey of all places) and was privileged to take a class with a Magus who taught the group not only the Tarot, but also crystals, Runes, pendulums, energy work, spell casting, Past Life Regressions, and many other “New Age” practices. That class was one of the catalysts for Jonathan’s own Spiritual Awakening to his many past lives, and his Higher Purpose.

Jonathan is an Acupuncturist who has created his own style of acupuncture aided past life regressions using gold needles. Jonathan is a Certified Health Coach. He has lost count of how many readings he’s given, and decks he’s collected, over the last 3 decades.

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