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Carnelian is a beautiful orange or red stone that is perfect for people who are going through, or wanting to boost a multitude of things. It can enhance your confidence and connect you with your true expressions. Not only that, but it can protect you against things like rage, fear and envy. Carnelian stimulates creativity and motivates you for success. 

This stone is believed to attract a flow of abundance and will restore vitality and motivation. It is a magnet for prosperity and good luck, and will infuse the body with light and life. Are you looking to embrace your inner child? Carnelian is the right stone for you! 

Another aspect which can be good for those who have been through trauma or abuse, is that this will help heal and assist you in processing and overcoming obstacles associated with that abuse, no matter what kind of abuse it is/was. It will increase your energy and open up the Sacral Chakra to help heal the mind, body and soul. 

Physically, Carnelian will give you clearer skin, improved vision and a better memory. It will promote energy flow in the best of ways. It is also great for increasing libido and your chances of conception if fertility is an issue. If that is what you are wanting to use it for, you should keep some near your bed. If you are looking for protection, it is suggested you wear it around your neck like the ancient warriors used to. For a boost in self confidence it is suggested you just keep it close, like in your pocket or in a form of jewelry. In places like India and Egypt it is popular to wear it as a ring.

Carnelian is also known as the “sunset” stone due to its beautiful colouring, and this is a stone that gets charged up from sitting in the sun. As you can see it serves multiple purposes and is generally a good stone to have around to boost creativity and help heal and protect. Another nice perk, is this is generally a pretty inexpensive one to get- and it’s beautiful to boot. 



About the Author:

Merry meet! I’m Jazz and I’m a Canadian oddball. I love roller derby, kickboxing, spending time with my dog and husband & love all things art, craft and pagan!

I was raised by a Roman Catholic family but discovered Buddhism, then Paganism while in elementary school and have followed the Pagan path ever since.

My main deity is Gaia as she approached me in a dream and I feel a very strong connection to her.

I love working with runes and absorbing knowledge and working on my never ending book of shadows.

I have always been drawn to the arts & have done many crafts and randomness for as long as I can remember. I find it peaceful and it helps settle my mind. I enjoy drawing, painting, cross stitching, doll making, jewelry making and more! I hope to spread my love and passions with others and put as much positivity in the world as possible.

Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram! Thanks for popping by and Blessed Be!