Jessica is a Pagan mother of four, whose children’s books about diversity and acceptance have received critical acclaim and multiple awards. She is the author of “Walk Your Path,” and the new upcoming Llewellyn release, “The Magic of Nature.” Her work has been featured by, “Sedona Journal of Emergence,” “Light of Consciousness Magazine,” “Conscious Shift Magazine,” “The New Spirit Journal,” “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” “Circle Magazine,” “The Witches’ Voice,” and many more. Find her at

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    Book Excerpt – The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice – Earth Meditations by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

      We’re just a month away from my first release with Llewellyn Worldwide! I am so humbled and happy to share what I’ve learned with everyone. The hope is that anyone can test these simple meditations out and breathe a little easier. I’m a fire sign by nature, but connecting with our planet starts directly with earth, so I’ve offered up that first little bit of love. Please practice with caution. My Climbing Tree Meditation is for those who are avid climbers, but the rest require very little physicality. All the sunshine, Jess   Chapter 1: Meditations to Connect with Nature  Earth Meditations  Trees, meadows, and caves hold more magic than anyone can…

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    Writing “The Magic of Nature” By Author Jessica Marie Baumgartner

    Nature is magic. I mean that in every way: figurative, literal, serious, humorous. Like all creatures, humans hold their own place in the balance of existence on Earth. We may get a little out of hand at times, but Mother Nature knows how to keep us in check. When I sat down to write my upcoming Llewellyn Worldwide release, “The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice,” I had no idea if they would accept it. That didn’t matter. The work has its place and I knew it had to be written. It seems that a lot of people aren’t sure of themselves or their place…