Michele Griffin was the co-founder of Church of the Living Earth in Columbus, Ohio. She has been studying all things witchy for over 30 years, since she walked into a metaphysical book shop at the age of 15 and never looked back. She spends her free time serenading her two life partners with mountain dulcimer tunes and feeding her huge appetite for learning.

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    So Mote it Be

    The first time I saw a honey locust tree, I was both intrigued and terrified. Three-inch thorns poked out from around the trunk of the tree at all angles. Near the bottom, you couldn’t see the tree trunk at all for all the thorns. There was no way anything was going to harm this tree! I walked up to it and gently touched a thorn. It was extremely sharp, but it wiggled under my touch, so I pulled a little. It popped off the tree and landed in my palm, as if it was a gift. I wiggled a few more thorns, and though most were firmly attached, the tree…