Montine is an astrologer, tarot reader, and occultist living on unceded Duwamish land that some call Seattle. A forever student, journalist, and queer gender-nonconforming femme, she spends her time listening to the stories people tell with the hope of understanding many more perspectives than her own. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and self-diagnosed as autistic, she is rediscovering the world through a neurodivergent lens and transforming her life to work smarter and not harder. She writes an annual called Book of My Shadows which explores different ways to use the energy of New and Full Moons for personal growth and exploration and one of her current hyperfixations is studying the Greek Magical Papyri.

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    Focus Pocus

    (Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash)   Spirituality & ADHD Brains are weird. It is the machine that keeps our body alive. Sometimes, it is the computer that has crunched the numbers and tells us, “Hey there’s a chance that thing you are about to do could kill us,” and other times it is the decision maker which determines maybe we are better off without knowing any of the details. It helps us understand the world and the people in it and helps us make the connections that are essential to our well-being and survival. It is also the part of us that can make us feel disconnected at times,…

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    Book Review – Empty Cauldrons: Navigating Depression Through Magic and Ritual by Terence P. Ward

    Book Review Empty Cauldrons: Navigating Depression Through Magic and Ritual by Terence P. Ward Publisher: Llewellyn Publications 288 Pages Publication Date: January 8, 2022     It is very difficult for many people who suffer from depression to talk about it. Some can discuss it with friends and family, some reach out to professionals, and the rare few share their journey on social media and other public forums. There is still a lot of stigma attached to depression and many choose to keep their depression a secret out of fear of being stigmatized or to prevent feelings of being further ostracized. Empty Cauldrons is a pagan perspective that takes a…

  • Reviews & Interviews

    Book Review – Naming the God – edited by Trevor Greenfield

    Book Review Naming the God edited by Trevor Greenfield Publisher: Moon Books 248 Pages Publication Date: May 1, 2022     Naming the God is the latest anthology brought to us by Moon Books who published Naming the Goddess in 2014. This latest work is a collaboration of 70 essays that explores attributes of male deities and individual gods. The first part of the book offers 12 essays where the authors share their perspectives and personal practice working with various gods of different aspects. The rest of the book is arranged with a focus on one god. Many traditions and cultures are represented in this anthology and on its pages,…