A Witch Called Wanda

When a friend of mine, who I’ll call Wanda, told me many years ago that she had visions and was visited by spirits and wandering souls when she was younger, I thought it was pretty neat, a bit scary, but neat. I wasn’t into too much mysticism at the time, wasn’t even quite sure what a pagan was. I never thought twice about it until about a year ago when she brought it up again, us on the verge of rekindling an old friendship. She started coming regularly to my house for belly dance lessons; something I warned her might have profound effects on her feminine soul. By then I had considered myself a practicing Solitary Wiccan and understood her to have an innate psychic ability, a skill many of us have to work hard at to learn to recognize. She said the spirits and souls still visit her on occasion, that she has premonitions and that sometimes she finds herself vividly dreaming of hanging out with a cousin who lives on another continent. When I told her that sounded like astral travel her eyes lit up, wondering what I knew about the topic. Up to that point all I knew was what I had read about in a couple of books that mentioned it. I thought this vivid 6th sense of hers was the most amazing gift that she could ever have and she thought it was a ‘curse,’ always fearful of it since she was a young child and her parents just ignored it when she brought up incidences. She was an only child and had nobody to talk to about these events that really happened; everybody in her life thought she was just crazy.

Recently Wanda decided she needed to go back to her homeland by herself to visit friends and family, without her husband. This seemed so odd to me when she told me because this couple never did anything apart. He wasn’t too keen on the idea, but something (must have been her Goddess self) inside of her sweet, innocent yet ever expanding mystical mind told her she needed to go. I was bummed we were both going to the same place just a month apart, and that we weren’t going to be able to hang out with the same old friends together and party downtown like the old days. When she returned she wrote me the most amazing email, the beginning of a new and deep exploration of our friendship.

While on her trip she ran into a woman whom she had never met before. This woman looked into Wanda’s eyes and told her she had had a dream about her, that she was walking in a very green field and in the middle saw a big red flame. She walked toward it and in the fire saw Wanda, wrapped in her black hair and surrounded by thousands of serpents. She reached into the flame, took Wanda’s hand and as she pulled, a bright white light shone from her body that grew brighter the more she came out. Once she completely pulled Wanda out, the woman woke up. She said that Wanda was a messenger person like her, ‘a warrior for humanity,’ with special powers that she needed to learn to master, and that she should read 2 books, The Runes and Archangels, and anything having to do with energy and healing. After the chills ran down my spine I quickly pulled out my reference materials to help her decipher this stranger’s dream. I interpreted this to mean that she was being born again, the fire representing rebirth, the white light symbolizing a purification, healing, or spirit, and the snakes meaning initiation into this new era of her life as a ‘warrior.’ It clicked inside of her that this woman was the one to help her awaken to this new reality, to assist in her ‘rebirth.’

She has been on a reading rampage ever since, learning about how to deal with the spirits coming to her in the ‘safety of her own bed’ or being shielded as she astral travels so as not to be affected by negative, wandering souls while she is on a mission. She looks to me for words of support, interpretation and just to hold her hand as she gains the confidence to do what she does ‘in divine love’ as she has been instructed. I am her confidant in this realm, who believes in her and supports her discoveries and abilities, probably a soul mate that she said she had asked for to learn and grow with. Coincidentally (who believes in coincidences?) I too have been on my own psychic and healing path, learning all I can to awaken my own skills and confidence.

Oddly enough Wanda has been deathly afraid of water all her life, can not even go near a deep end of a swimming pool. She thought it was because a wicked maid she had as a young child maybe tried to drown her in the bathtub. Then she came across some information that convinced her she had a lifetime during the Witch trials and drowned when they tried to prove she was a witch. She had a dream shortly thereafter of some enlightened men watching over her as she floated for the first time in the ocean, completely at peace, and then looked on shore to see an angry tiger bearing its teeth at her. She quickly jumped up and ran to her husband, protecting him as she roared right back, bearing her lion teeth. She had faced her own tiger, her biggest fear.

Since then she has acknowledged her many interpretive dreams, where she is cuddling with lions, seeing gorillas eye to eye or even beaming crystals encrusted in her hands. She calls me immediately to ask for my help in deciphering the meaning of them and we openly discuss the different issues going on in her life (and sometimes it’s mine she is dreaming about). We investigate the meaning of certain crystals, stones, and colors, whatever it is that is coming up and laugh at how unbelievably appropriate they are. She is becoming strong and confident in her abilities, roaring like a proud intuitive feline. I call her Bast, who happens to be sitting on an altar in my dance room. Oh how the dance deeply affects our souls! She even looks like a cat, with sharp ‘incisors’ erroneously called canines in Wanda’s case. Strangely she is allergic to cats.

She is confidently starting psychic readings, innocently listening to the ‘Voices’ as they tell her about the people in the pictures or who she touches, typing as fast as her fingers can get to the keys. She naively giggles at how real the messages coming through are, understanding she is just a channel. We have learning sessions where we listen to tapes by psychics who have had similar life experiences as hers or do energetic healings and meditations with each other, learning together to develop and trust our own skills to better help ourselves and others. She is convinced now more than ever she is on a mission, that she is a Warrior for the world and feeling more and more supported as she comes out of the broom closet with her story.

I am so excited about our friendship, our sisterhood that is blossoming as we dance through life together, in complete loving support of each other’s gifts. I can only dream about where we will go from here, and then call to tell her all about it!


author bio:

DeAnna Carlile Alvarez

I am the Mother of 2 beautiful homeschooled children. I have been involved

in earthly paganism and spirituality for over 10 years and in Wicca for 2.

Caring for the Earth and living naturally have brought me closer to the

Goddess. In the spiritual realm I have been developing my psychic awareness,

energetic healing abilities, feminine spirit and sensuality along with belly

dancing and Tantra. My Inner Voice has been telling me that my writing is

going to help other hearts and souls. I can be reached at

[email protected]. Blessings and Namaste!