Advice from the Dragon’s Den: The Tao Oracle: The Family

Advice from the Dragon’s Den


The Tao Oracle: The Family

Key terms are: Heredity, Blood Bonds, Kindred Spirits, Ancestry, Home Life, Community, Intimate Relationships, Our human Family.

Message of The Family

The Family wants you to look out beyond the ties of blood and marriage. You need to expand your horizons and your understanding. Family is a bond that unites all of us. We all share a common history that brings us together. We all live on the same planet, we all breathe the same air, we all drink the same water and eat the same food. We are a global family. Ever since the world began the different tribes have fought. Fought for dominance, fought for land, fought for beliefs, fought for religion. Now is the time to remember that we are all one. We must look to each other and protect each other. We must now begin to build the common ground that will bring everyone back together.

The Earth is crying for a revolution. The Family comes to remind us that we are all children of the Earth and our first duty is to Her. We must find ways to overcome the differences and the disputes that have waged on for millenias. Looking past the pain and the regret of the past is the path to peace and to happiness. People have become very concerned with their own independence. They live in their own isolated worlds and create their own isolated realities. What is happening in other parts of the world will not affect them because that is out of their constructed reality.

One of the first steps of The Family is to be aware of your own actions. When one is trying to bring the family back into harmony it is important for you to keep your own actions, words and thoughts in the right context. When you want to help to bring equality to others then you must be the first to offer equality. If you want to see tolerance then you must be the first to be tolerant. If you want to see health then you must be the first to clean and heal.

The message of The Family is for you to look at the way you deal with family. How you deal with your own relations will indicate your interaction in the global world. If you want to see real and true change take place then you must be the first to step forward and make the change that is necessary. Start in your own family. Treat all members, human, animal and plant as equal. Give them the respect and attention they need. Move out into your community. Take time to meet and greet your neighbours. Take the time to learn the names of the people you see daily at the grocery store. Help to make your neighborhood a beautiful and safe place. When you know how to do this expand your neighborhood to the city, to the province, state, country and to the world.

Meditation for The Family

Find a quiet place where you will be able to sit or lie down comfortably without being disturbed. You may wish to play some soft instrumental music or have water flowing softly in the background. When you are ready close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Feel you whole body filling with the breath of life. See your body as a large balloon and as you fill your lungs full of air see your body expand and fill also. When you exhale feel your body shrink back to normal. Continue to breathe and with every breath feel the balloon stretch your skin and your muscles. When you exhale feel all the stress and tension flow out of your body as you decompress. Feel your body grow loose and relaxed with every breath. Continue to breathe until all the stress and anxiety of your day has been stretched away. After 10 breath cycles open your eyes and look at the card in front of you.

Look at the card. See all of the different faces. What are their expression? What are the shades of their skin? Look at the colour of the eyes, the expression of their lips. Look at the age of the different faces. When you have a clear image in your mind of the card close your eyes. Feel yourself being pulled out of your body and through time. You will be taken through time to the place of notime. Once here see The Family stands before you larger than life. Feel yourself being pulled into the card. Once inside the card see a circle in the distance. The closer you come to the circle the clearer it becomes. You see that the circle is a group of people dancing around. They are holding hands and dancing. You drop down into the center of the circle. As the people dance one soon spins out of the dance and faces you. They will ask you many questions about how you are making the world a happy family. Answer their questions openly and honestly. When they have finished asking their questions they will return to the dance and another will take their place. They will ask you a question and you need again to answer. This will continue until all of the dancers have spoken to you. If you have answered honestly they will pull you into the dance. If you have not pleased them they will tell you what you must do before being allowed to enter the dance.

When you are ready feel yourself being pulled back out of the card. Feel your body drifting again through space and back through time to yourself. With every breath you take feel yourself settle back into your body. Hear the music around you and feel the energy of your skin tingling with your return. Smell the room around you and when you are ready take a deep breath and open your eyes.


author bio:


I have been studying Pagan traditions for my whole life. I have been publicly involved in Wicca for over a year. I have been a solitary all my life as my family seems to think that these leaning of mine qualify me for the black sheep of the family title. I have always been a little odd and unique. During my studies the one area I took to was Tarot.

I have read tarot cards for over 10 years now. I began as a closet reader. I would only read for myself and for a few close friends. Over 3 years ago I left my closet and joined the Canadian Tarot Network and began my journey of certification. I joined the Canadian Tarot Network because I wanted to learn more. I worked hard on my certification and I am still working. The highest degree right now for Tarot readers is Certified Grand master. This is my ultimate goal. Right now I am a Certified Tarot Master.

Aside from Tarot I love to write. I am in there process of putting a manuscript together for a submission to a publishing company. I am a Reiki 3 Master and I do a great deal of healing rituals. I love to write my own rituals and I am always researching something. I am currently a First Degree Priestess of the Correllian tradition. I am working on my second degree and hope one day to complete my third degree studies. I have given workshops on many different topics and for this reason my column "Advice from the Dragon’s Den" will hold a great deal of different types of information. There will be a lot of Tarot related information but you will be able to find other topics as well as time goes on.