Getting the Energy from Your Food

We all know about the necessity to eat right, and strive to do so as often as possible. Yet, many of us occasionally slip and go to a fast food restaurant anyway – bad eating habits are hard to change. I had this problem too, until I found out how to make the best out of this unpleasant situation, when I had a craving for something unhealthy. Nowadays, wherever I go, I don’t have to worry about levels of cholesterol or calories, they are all incorporated into the plan.

Many years ago I learned about the Pranic method of classifying food. It turns out that Prana, the universal life force, can be found in abundance in certain products, and in lesser quantities in others. Thus, when we ingest a particular type of food, we obtain from it a corresponding amount of energy. This very logical consideration led me to the idea of charging anything I eat. What if I decide, what kind of energy is stored where, and to what end, I thought, and conducted my first experiment.

A very appealing chocolate bar was lying on my kitchen table, and I simply couldn’t refuse its summons. As I took the first bite out of the delicious German invention, I imagined it having energy of its own, which I resolved to adapt to my needs. I pictured a beam of green light spreading from the chocolate to all of my energy centers. I saw those energy centers in my mind’s eye as revolving spheres, swelling from the green light which inundated every single one of them. I made a mental command to my mind, to use this excess of energy for my daily activities, whenever I feel weaker than usual.

Needless to say, my experiment worked wonderfully. I found strength to do many assignments which I would normally find taxing. My energy reserves definitely increased. But during my next experiment, I thought I should take an additional precaution. I ate something rich in cholesterol, of the bad kind, and decided to compensate for it by exercising further my imagination.

I imagined cholesterol in my body being comprised from little red cells, shaped as circles. I next pictured them drawn form my blood stream towards the energy center that was a little below my navel. This energy center, known in the East as Tan Tien, was, in my mind, recycling the cholesterol cells. They were literally moving through the Tan Tien, and when they came out, they changed their color from red to green, to signify their new function.

Instead of the detrimental job they have been doing in my body, they have become a new form of energy that I gave my brain to redistribute at need. I kept changing more of the cholesterol cells that way, stipulating for the process to end when the cholesterol level was low enough not to pose a danger.

I performed this exercise several times, and then did a similar form of recycling with the sugar levels. I conditioned the recycled sugar cells to supply my brain pathways with the appropriate amount of energy, and seemingly, so they did.

Interestingly enough, when I did my blood test a month later, it turned out my cholesterol dropped 200 points from the high level it previously was. It finally convinced me that my imaginary tricks gave at least some tangible results. Fortunately, these exercises in creative visualization can be tailored to individual needs. You can make them work for you as well, or even better, than they worked for me. Bon Appetite!

*Disclaimer: My system started working for me better with more practice, and it required total belief in the validity of the methods involved. Any doubt might reduce the effectiveness. Don’t try unless you are completely sure it will help.*


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Ishamael is a numerologist who developed his own

system, aided by his math degree from the Tel Aviv

University in Israel, his knowledge of Kabala and

ancient cultures, and inherent psychic abilities. He

is also a certified hypnotherapist and a rune master,

currently dwelling in Southern California.