Dreaming of Life

I have taken many classes, yet I am still ignorant. I have many degrees from different universities and I have even take classes from shady professors all in the name of education. Every morning I have the same routine. I wake up, take a shower, get ready for work, drink some over priced coffee, then sit at a cubicle for eight something hours answering phone calls and doing paperwork.

Still something didn’t feel right for me. Something was missing from my life I couldn’t place my finger on. Was it love? Was it children? No.. it was something else. It was, well myself. Then the dreams started to come.

At first I though they were dreams due to the fact I intake to much caffeine all hours at the night. Then I though maybe it was because of the TV shows I was watching (we’ve all had them dreams about that certain star). Then they started to connect with each other.

The first dream I had that stuck out for me, was when my Grandfather was passing. I had a dream about healing stones, mochi balls, and used them properly. Now this might not come as a shock to most people to me it was. I had no experience with Shamans yet in my dream I was using these tools.. and most importantly using them correctly with the right terminology.

The dreams still happen and I still am experencing them. I now do though go through with them. I study the things my past/present was trying to tell me about as well as I pick up random books and join into discushions about them.

This only gives me a new addiction … from coffee to dreaming.


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Misty Bee

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