Cleansing your own Chakras

Cleansing your own Chakras

How often do you feel:

Heavy, tired when you really shouldn’t be, in a funk, as if you want a shower when you’re actually clean,

or just too cluttered?

Each day we pick up gunk in our aura from others by simply passing them in a crowded market or speaking with an upset friend on the phone. This is then added to the gunk we accumulate from our own toil and trouble. This gunk then gets sucked in to the constantly spinning energy wheels in our aura that we all know as our Chakras. I will explain here, how to clean your own chakras when you don’t have a healer of any sort about to do it for you. For the sake of brevity, I’m only going to run through the main 7 in this short article. All the myriads of others, however, can be taken care of in much the same way with a few adaptations that you can easily make yourself before beginning your own self cleansing.

You’ll need a quartz crystal, (Any type will do as long as the energy feels right) a relaxing place to sit or lie down, and some soothing music unless you simply choose to relax to the sound of silence.

Start out by sitting or lying for a few minutes in your place of choice. Become aware of your body. Then place your quartz on your first chakra, also known as the root chakra. This chakra is at the base of your spine, and is red in color. This first chakra is responsible for grounding, being centered, and survival. Picture the constantly spinning wheel that is your chakra opening wider to allow the quartz to pull out and cleanse away all the dirty and negative gunk from it that has been bogging you down. Now picture the quartz bringing a clean, healing, red light down from the universe into itself, and finally in to your first chakra. While you see and feel this light filling your first chakra make this affirmation to yourself aloud or in your mind.

"I am properly grounded and centered in my universe as I grow and thrive on my path."

Now move your quartz up slightly to rest on your second chakra. This chakra is located just above your first chakra. It is orange in color and is responsible for your creativity and sexuality. Picture that chakra wheel opening to allow the quartz to remove all negativity and cleanse it. Then feel the quartz draw down from the universe and deposit a lovely, vibrant, orange, healing light within the chakra. to yourself or aloud, say,

"I am a creative and sexual being."

Onward to your third chakra. This one is located in the area of your solar plexus, and is yellow in color. It deals with cleansings of body, mind, and spirit alike. It is located near your large intestine, so I call it the letting go chakra. Sometimes we tend to become constipated in more than one way. The body, mind, and spirit can all hold on to waste too long which can drag us down. It makes for a more clean being just to let it all go. If you feel like crying, breathing more deeply than usual, or even going to the bathroom while the third chakra is being cleansed by you and your quartz crystal, this is normal. Simply resume the cleansing when you’re ready. Picture that third chakra wheel opening to allow the quartz to remove the gunk, and then to give it a lovely, universal, yellow light of cleansing and freedom from burden. Affirm aloud or to yourself in thought,

"I let go of all that is bad for my well being."

This next chakra can be another emotional one to cleanse, for it is the heart. It is located above your heart, as you may have guessed, and is green or pink in color following your own preference. Place your quartz on your heart, and picture the chakra wheel of the heart opening wider to allow any gunk, negativity or pain to be released to the quartz, and then cleansed away. Allow then the quartz to bring down universal healing green light and love to fill your heart chakra with warmth. Say aloud or to yourself,

"I make my choices with wisdom and love."

Next comes the throat chakra. It is located at the base of your throat, and is blue in color. As you cleanse this chakra, you’ll feel all stiffness and tension leaving your neck and shoulders. You may also find yourself thinking of things that you need to say to someone, but as of yet have not. Those stiff shoulders are telling you that they do not like holding things inside. If proper thought is put in to what is said, we can speak truth with kindness and thus unburden ourselves of the heavy weight of unspoken words. Direct your quartz to pull all the anger, stress, and gunk from the throat chakra, as it opens to gladly allow this cleansing. Then replace any such feelings with a clean, cool, healing, blue light that the quartz pulls down from the universe. Affirm aloud or to yourself,

"I speak the truth with love and clarity."

Place your quartz now on your 6th chakra which is located on your brow just above your nose and between your eyes. This chakra is called the third eye, and is purple in color. Focus on the wheel of this chakra, and actually picture it as an eye opening wider and wider as the crystal cleanses it of any gunk that may have fogged it over and blinded it even in the least. Then feel a warm, healing, purple light of sight and intuition coming from the universe, in to the quartz, and finally in to your third eye where it will serve to strengthen your psychic ability. Say aloud or to yourself,

"My inner sight guides me on my path."

Move your quartz now to rest on the top of your head where your crown chakra is located. This chakra is white, and serves as your connection to your higher self, the universal energy, and your spirit guides. When this chakra wheel opens for the cleansing, become fully aware of your deepest and highest self. Become fully aware of the greatness of the universe that surrounds you. Become fully aware of all your wonderful, powerful, and loving spirit guides who teach and protect you. Feel yourself coming closer to all of these beautiful truths as your quartz cleanses this chakra of any blockages and gunk that may be in your way to a higher enlightenment. Then feel the quartz pulling down universal white light to lift and fill you with pure, clean, knowledge and love.

Allow the cleansing of the gunk and then the depositing of the healing light in each chakra to take as long as you feel it needs to take. Don’t rush. Some chakras may be easier to clean than others, depending on what is going on in your life at the time of each cleansing. Do this often, for our aura is as much a part of us as our body is, and it needs its shower/bath as well. When you’ve finished the cleansing, be still and relax for a few minutes before getting up slowly to have a refreshing glass of water. You should feel light of body and in happy spirits for several days after a good cleansing.

Now that you’re all clean, though, don’t forget about the crystal that helped you in that process. It has worked hard and needs to be cleansed as well. There are many ways to do this, so I always tell people to use what ever method feels right to them. You’ll know if your quartz feels properly free of gunk after you’ve cleaned it. If it doesn’t, try something else. Some people put their quartz in the sun to cleanse. Others submerge it in a dish of salt water. I simply run mine under cool running tap water for about sixty seconds, and picture all gunk flowing out of it and down the drain. Then if it isn’t perfectly happy, I hold it in my hand for a while and give it healing energy and white light. That usually does the trick. Some of these methods may work for you or you may invent your own. There is no right or wrong way, as each quartz is unique.