Response to “Response to Coming Out Article”

Greetings and dia dhuit,

This is more of a comment than anything, but it is in response to the "Response to "Coming Out" Article" In said article, the author made a reference to christianity stealing philosophical views from other religions, particularily Wicca…This kind of boggled my mind, Wicca is only from this century alone, everything it is based on is from a belief system that required no name for it was a folk belief. I know what it is to have pride in all that we are, but sometimes some individuals can be just as high and mighty as Christians in my mind. Also, her obvious egotistical view of women’s role in the history of human development disturbs me. But I believe to each they’re own, some shouldn’t forget the men were just as important and just as spiritually necessary to human development…Why do you think the Gods and Goddesses go so well hand in hand?

Joshua Strongclaw

Never would I try to belittle another person for they’re belief, but what we say, says an awful lot about ourselves.