Spring comes into the endless circle

A breath of nothingness into the daylight

My eyes are closed with the peaceful rest

Of the world before time, of the world before Motion

There is Peace in complete silence

There is a oneness unbroken by thought

An riverless winding

Through one single, endless thought

When change is but a rumor in the mind of Creator

And breath bated,

Heart beating,

We wait for your voice

With your breath you divide the Heavens

With your voice you sing our souls into being

A formless separation from the wonders of union

With Wakan Tanka, your spirit, you live

Remember the Beginning undefined in its beauty

Existing in instant,

In a grand eternity of Nothing

And Everything

Suspended in the power of only Inyan

The Rock, the Form, the Creation, the Creator

I feel again, a texture of longing

I see again, your eyes in the darkness

I breathe again, the sharpness of morning

I live again

Wrapped in the soulless embrace of Creation

I know your Spirit, I see your face

Your selfless motion carried in the breath of morning

Dead with the Creativity you birth through



I am your offspring

I am the Earth your body becomes

I am the Sky, blue with cold blood

Running in rivers that break through the skin

And the Spirit that fills me is breath in your empty shell

To live as you die,

To know myself


As you can know me


Spring comes to the Earth in the endless circle

An infinite texture broken under the strain

Of a beauty unblemished by the death of Beginning

The motion has begun

Let it continue

Hoka Hey

Let us remember


And Nothing

Inyan, the Beginning

Hoka Hey

It is so


author bio:

I am an 18 year old recent initiate into spiritual work. My passion is martial arts and I am a warrior at heart. Until the last couple of years, I was a dedicated Christian but never fit in with that religion. Lately, I have discovered so much including the path of the Heyoka Warrior. As a child I was part of the discovery of an Arikara villiage and remember sitting in the lodge circles and just communing with nature. Now, I am drawn to animal spirits and the Lakota culture and religion, among other things. I am a follower of Black Elk, a deviant from the traditional ways, an upholder of the Sacred, here to tear down barriers and create a clear path through the smoke. This poem expresses the duality of life and death that created this world… it is the soul of the Beginning, before identity. It is the belief that where there is life, there is also death, and where there is separation there is also unity.

-Krysta No Words