Premonition of A Mother’s Death

Soundly sleeping on a winter’s night

I woke to hear you say

As my flesh ran chilled with fright

You said ;

"Its time to go away."

To imagine life without you here

And not to my surprise

Left me feeling sad and helpless

And overcome with fear.

A winding road was just ahead

Swinging left and right ,

Off the bridge you fled so fast,

Into an abyss of lights.

With reaching hands I grasped for you

But the shining stars did blind.

Isn’t it odd how our Spirits know

When we will be left behind ?.

Even though your abode no more

Is in this Earthly life

I see and hear you in my dreams

Speaking softly and so wise.

Even still I’m missing you

And life is not the same.

I often hear your words to me

From beyond the deepest grave.

"Do not grieve for me ,

Do not make a sound !

I am in the heavens today

With shining stars abound !

Do not cry , my child

I loved you then and now !

I never left you anyway ,

For that is not allowed !

Do not doubt what I say is true

And never ask why in fear

I haven’t gone anywhere

Just know I’m always near."


author bio:

Rain Dove / © Copyright 2006