She Is Our Goddess

Shutting the blinds to the darkness,Opening

the doors to the light, We walk in her

grace and mercy, For the love all things

grows within Her. She is not human nor

flesh,But of sprit and the burning fire

Deep in our soul, she gives us

Understanding and wisdom,She is the one who

gives life An breath to all.She is the

purest of life and the Innocents of a

child, she is the Keeper of the moon

and the singer Of our hearts.She brings

mercy to anger,And understanding to

pain,She blankets our fears,And covens our

tears,She laughs in our happiness, Bringing

light to our life through Out of years.She

is one to speak of,One to dream about,One

to laugh with,One to never live without.She

is the dawn of time,The keeper of wombs,The

sweet taste of sexuality,And the one true


She Is Our Goddess!


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