Black feathers glint

obsidian eyes

edging the robe

that adorns your princely figure

like a crown.

Lush mouth

red like blood

red like roses

Chocolate eyes rimmed in black

Starry prince

Body of a dancer

Hands of an artist

I feel your hands in my soul

Your hands like leaves

Your hands like feathers

Your hands like soft water

Your hands like fur

Your hands like lillies

Your hands like warm shields

Your hands like swords

Your hands like pens

Your hands like smooth stones

Your hands like lathes

Your hands like scythes

Your hands like petals

Your eyes like pools

Your eyes like firedrops

Your eyes like lighening

Your eyes like tomb doors

Your eyes like candles

Your eyes like mouths

Your voice like music

Your voice like thunder

Your voice like old friendship

Your voice like the dawn

Your voice like pressed linen

Your voice like sweet whispers

Your voice like battle shouts

Your voice like crowds

Your voice like medicine

Your mouth like plums

Your mouth like hornets

Your mouth like earth

Your mouth of sharp teeth

Your mouth like wet silver

Your mouth like opals

Your mouth like a furnace

Your mouth like cakes

Your mouth like sweet drink

Your mouth like a reprimand

Your face like mirrors

Your face like souls

Your face like water

Your face like marble

Your face like cotton

Your face like babies

Your face like stars

Your face terrible

Your face wonderful

You near

You far

You within

You outside

Your you

As you stand at the door of Everything

in the circus of the soul

in the moment of birth

in the changing of the mind

in the place of passions

in the crater of death

and usher us through.


author bio:

Siiri Cressey