My Staff and its Consecration

I’ve seen the staves of other Pagans, and was really impressed by them, especially the handmade ones. Being a Tool, as well as wanting one while taking nature walks, I decided to make a Staff of my own.

I had picked up a number of bundles of strong bamboo lengths from Pier 1 Imports, not knowing what I was gonna do with them, just knowing I might have a need sometime. That time came. I took what was the thickest and strongest length, and sanded the whole thing, to expel the commerciality of its origin as well as to introduce it to my own personal energy.

I glued a perfectly spherical white calcite orb to the top, to give it that ‘sceptre’ look, mindful of the Staff also being an extension of the Wand tool. White calcite is also a preferred stone for working with the Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra, so that itself was great for the aspect of the Guru.

I decided I wanted to eventually consecrate what this would become…when the Moon was Full in Leo. That would be the next Fire sign the Moon would be full in, and not too far away, either. In my eclectic Path (as well as maybe some others’) the Staff is a Fire tool, so that would be just right. I wrapped some faux suede I got from a craft store around the top for a hand grip, gluing it at the seam. Then I knotted 7 different colored threads from the base of that hand grip to the top. The colors were ascending in order in association with the colors of the 7 main Chakras. A friend I was visiting in Virginia had given me this braided length of leather that been knotted at the end. This knot has been tied since 1965, and if I were to use it, I would need to untie it to fit it through the opening of a cross-section of spiral hermit-crab shell that I ornamented the front with. That itself was held secure to the Staff by crisscrossed lengths of string that I had braided, myself, held to the back by a small piece of abalone shell that I had glued on. When I finally untied that knot in the leather braid, I felt like I was releasing the energies of a distant past…when the Rolling Stones were some hot new rock group out of Britain. I looped this through to serve as a stirrup-type guard to have my wrist through when gripping the Staff.

I wanted to imbue the energies of a wide assortment of oils into the bamboo, one for each phase of the Moon cycle before the one where it would be full in Leo. That meant to start when it was New in Capricorn, New Year’s Eve of 2005.

I chose the bamboo that I already had, so that not only would this Staff serve as a magickal Tool and a walking stick, but also as a defense, much like a bo used in martial arts. Far be it from me to ever want to have such a circumstance arise, but close be it to me to be prepared if it should. Mindful of it being a walking stick, I thought about a walk across the world, starting from the far East. So when the Moon was New, I anointed it with the rather Asian Lemongrass oil. I had a Catholic rosary (yep, I’m pretty eclectic) looped around it, and prayed inside a cast Circle. The Waxing Quarter Moon was in Aries, and I oiled it with Arabian Sandalwood, to continue working my way westward in the ‘walk around the world’. Once again I had a rosary looped around it, as I would do the rest of the way through this Moon cycle. The Full Moon came, in Cancer. I cast a Circle and oiled it with Cedar, giving propers to Phoenician Lebanon, as I have much admiration for the Phoenicians in my eclectic Path. Waning Quarter Moon was next, in Scorpio, and I oiled it with a ‘Sea Goddess’ blend made by the owners of an occult shop in nearby New Hope, PA. ‘Sea Goddess’ was great for representing the ocean that stood between the Old World and the New, as well as my love for all things maritime, oceanic, nautical…and the celebrated sailing and trading skills of the aforementioned Phoenicians.

I was hoping that my order for the Mayan Tagetes oil or the Peru Balsam would have arrived before the Moon was New again, to complete the ‘walk around the world’ with something of the American continents. But alas, it didn’t, and I completed the cycle at the New Moon in Aquarius, anointing it with the ever-so-deifying Rose oil.

After the oil had dried, I took my woodburner and carved some sigils down the length of it. I made the triangular alchemical symbol of Fire, as well as another triangle to represent the Grand Trine in Fire that I have in my astrological natal chart. Mercury and Sun in Aries, Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius, and South Node in Leo. The planetary symbols as well as the zodiac sign symbols were creatively blended to form sigils of their own. I had previously downloaded a Phoenician-script font, called ‘eshmoon’ on my computer, spelled out my craft name in that font, and burned that down the length of the front. I did the same on the back, with an Atlantean font used in Disney’s “Atlantis”, which itself was a sweet and unexpected find.

Now in February, this gave me 2 weeks to meditate on my Staff before the Moon was New in Leo, when I would consecrate it, as well as prepare for a small ceremony as well. The only thing I ended up premeditating was setting up the Altar, with my new cherry-red panne cloth to represent the element of Fire. This was great, because the 11 inches of snow that fell the night before the Full Moon was not expected. What that did, was create for an unbelievably BEAUTIFUL winter fairyland setting at the edge of the woods right behind the house. Many tree limbs hung low under the weight of all this snow, forming shelters. Even the thinner of the branches still had an inch of snow build-up that didn’t fall off. Mother Nature knew what I was going to do, and undoubtedly smiled upon me, blessing me with this scenario. The night of the Full Moon was a clear one, with the Moon really bright through the trees in the woods, magnified by the snow. As I brought my Altar outside, setting up the pillar candles, too, I felt an instinct tell me that my Staff was already Consecrated, that I need only to bring it out and cast a Circle as a formality. I smiled an obliged.

No doubt it was cold, and the Moon was full at sometime close to midnight. But I was going to be hardcore, penitent, and gracious to my Lord and Lady for their Providence. Skyclad was not going to be my method. Even dressed warmly, with a coat and boots, my feet were still freezing. But I cast my Circle, had 4 glass votive holders, each colored in relevance to the 4 Elements and their respective Quarters…placed gently in the snow as to not sink through the 11 inches. One did crack with the conflict of extreme temperatures of Fire and Snow. It was not a long ceremony, but I gazed at the Full Moon that was almost overhead, through the white calcite that topped the Staff. Blessed it with the salt, sage smoke, flame, and water. The latter kept freezing, but Fire saved the night, proving its power and adopting my newly consecrated Staff as its own.


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Bar Ptolmai