Shine Bright Tonight

A community slowly becoming one

All reaching out in the dark

Embracing only shadows at first

In time we get to know each other

Slowly we put the pieces together

Only to learn of one poor lost soul close to death’s door

Listen to our prayers and regain your belief

Too innocent a soul to be taken from us

Too bright a light to fade

We all light a candle and think of you tonight

Like the stars above us you brighten our lives

And help to guide us in the dark

We are all lost souls searching for love

Stretch out your hand when you need our support

We will try to restore your hope and vitality

When a star is removed from heaven

The sky becomes infinitely darker

So shine bright tonight and for every night that follows


author bio:


I am 40 years old and live in Birmingham England. I am presently not

working and spend time maintaining and improving my websites. My interests

include poetry, modern art, and history.

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[email protected]

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