We Have The Power

Energetic healing and transmitting is an undervalued field. In this day and age where science and technology reign the minds of the masses as they search for quick fix pills to get rid of their health issues, relatively few are realizing that they hold the power within themselves. Not only does the body do a fine job of letting us know what problems we have to face, but the psyche does a most amazing job of giving us the answers to how to heal what ails us. It’s just a matter of awareness, of paying attention, of connecting with the Divine within. When we do that we activate our 3rd eye, our brow chakra. The energy starts to flow when we start noticing it is there. We may have to do some cleansing to awaken or activate it, but once we start using it the messages just become clearer and clearer.

Quantum Physics teaches that everything is vibrating energy. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are pure energy. So, for example, if we have an issue in our gall bladder, by working on increasing or regulating the flow of energy to that organ we can heal it.

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”

— Albert Szent-Gyorgi, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

We can give ourselves or others energetic healing sessions by using visualization, crystals, stones, color, reiki, quantum touch and many more methods. Humans have been doing energetic healing since ancient times. By the conscious interaction of the energetic fields of the healer and the one needing healing people can heal each other, or rather, help a person raise their own energetic vibrations to heal themselves. Scientific studies have been done on the power of prayer, positive thinking, positive intentions, and the power of belief proving how even distance healing works on our energetic fields. The receiver doesn’t even need to be present to receive the healing. With this being said, imagine what a group of people can do, all focusing their energetic fields on healing the one or ones in need. The power of many is that much stronger, multiplying the effect. Imagine a world where all we witnessed, received and gave were loving, healing positive thoughts, images, expectations, hopes and dreams, what this planet would be like, what each and every one of us would feel like.

"Your every thought, feeling, perception, spoken word,

and performed action reverberates into the universe…."

— Swami Muktananda

My friend Wanda received a message the other day from ‘The Voices.’ She was told to send love and golden light to North Korea, that they were on the verge of another war, worse than any before it. She was also told that our planet needs us to channel our love and beam it overseas to purify the heart and thought of those who are lacking compassion and are blinded by the urge to have control. It turns out that gold light is needed when a person is deceptive, cheating, self-righteous and full of nervousness, greed, confusion and irrational fears that border on terror.

North Korea wants to pull out a nuclear weapon from its warehouse and test its efficacy, a long-range missile capable of doing great harm to the US. They have been slowly building their arsenal of nuclear weapons and now have the US and the rest of the world on alert. What brings a country to feel the need to have such weapons? What brings a person, for that matter, to the point of holding onto weapons? The feeling of fear and threat are the first obvious reasons that come to mind. What would happen if one were to back down, release their tensions regarding the other and send them positive energy, love and light? It doesn’t take much. Of course, the entire politics and economic state of the countries involved would need some serious addressing, change and transformation. But who doesn’t need that? So if we all send some serious golden light North Korea’s way we can fill those leaders with a wealth far beyond their expectations, a knowledge far surpassing the intellect, with the transmutational qualities of gold that alchemists throughout the ages have used in their ancient path of spiritual purification. They’d be revered for their illumination equal to the timeless wisdom of the Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec cultures who all understood the spiritual powers of gold.

One of my not-so-Wiccan friends asked me to ‘Emcee’ a very Wiccan-like Summer Solstice ritual she found on the internet. So we invited our alternative-earthy-hippy-yuppy-crunchy friends over for a Solstice fire women’s gathering. I had never done this before with these people, so it was an interesting challenge and a sort of ‘coming out of the broom closet’ experience for me. I wasn’t too surprised when I was asked ‘So how is it that you know so much about performing this ritual? And where did you get that funky skirt and glitter?’ It was something I think all the women involved really wanted as it was a beautiful, deep and transformational experience for most if not all. Some even expressed their feeling of connection with the Goddess that night, a connection they had only read about until that point. At one point we were standing around the fire, holding hands and meditating on global healing issues we wanted to ‘fuel with fire.’ I mentioned the need of North Korea for some golden light and love, then we all focused on that, hands tightly clenched and love flowing from one to the other and into the fire and out to the Universe. I could sense it, the power of us all, the power of us Goddesses joining as one for the sake of World Peace. Make it happen, send out your light and give peace a chance, and then dance, dance, dance!


author bio:

I am the Mother of 2 beautiful homeschooled children. I have been involved in earthly paganism and spirituality for over 10 years and in Wicca for 2. Caring for Gaia and living naturally have brought me closer to the Goddess. In the spiritual realm I have been developing my psychic awareness, energetic healing abilities, feminine spirit, power and sensuality along with Belly Dancing, Tantra and Yoga. My Inner Voice has been telling me to write, write, write! I can be reached at [email protected]. I love to get feedback!! Blessings and Namaste.