Fearing Darkness

As the sun sets on the Western horizon

The sky fills with an eerie blood-red glow.

Shapes and shadows begin to shift about

Causing weary and fearful eyes to grow.

Red to black, darkness engulfs the night.

Evil awakens from within its hidden recesses

Looking to prey on the innocent and unaware,

Filling every need and boasting all successes.

Lurking in the shadows, hovering above,

Waiting for a victim, as to draw first blood.

Holding its victim in a tight embrace,

Watching all life drain like a rapid flood.

Darkness does only what darkness is meant to do.

The circle of life does not mean circle of light.

Day is to the night as the night is to the day,

The world spins by day as well as by night.

The price is paid as innocent blood is spilled.

The price is high, but well worth the wait.

But many do not understand what darkness holds,

Being afraid is their excuse to kill and hate.


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Blackheart is a member of the clergy for the First Church of Satan. The First Church of Satan is a dynamic organization in a society that resists change. What we are, what we have been and what we shall always be are a group of bold freethinkers who confront the vital issues of spirituality and everyday life.

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