Gothic Expression

The Gothic Poet walks down the street

And stops at the bus stop

She posts one of her poems for all to see

“What do you make of me”

“Am I a freak or am I oh so chic?”

“Dressed in black – am I a tiger or a pussycat?”

“Read my words and you will see”

“A deeper soul lies within me”

She sits at home and paints her self-portrait

Slightly distorted – this is the way she is viewed by the world

She walks on down to the art gallery

And posts her portrait at the entrance door

“Do you want more?”

“You will see more reality in this picture”

“Than anything that lies behind this door”

“Open your eyes and you will see”

“All God’s beauty”

She lies on her bed at home

Waiting for a reaction

Bu the passers-by fail to express any emotion

Too wrapped up in their own worlds

In God and man we place our trust

Another creative soul bites the dust


author bio:


I am 40 years old and live in Birmingham England. I am presently not
working and spend time maintaining and improving my websites. My interests
include poetry, modern art, and history.9ph.jpg

To contact me email:
[email protected]

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