Norse Maiden of Fire

Anhe of yonder days-of gold and red braids,

Sad memeories recalled, her tearful tribute pays

Green eyed cat maid, fair faced, now fades.

where her light shone, the bliss of bygone days.

She weeps unseen, of grief and lost life,

tears of faceless fears and hopeless pain,

moaning in faint echo’s her misery and strife.

tears flowing leaving her eyes bloodstain,

She crys to you, one of Odin’s descent,

to end her tragic delimma and woes,

cast for her- magical enchancement

of deep and heavy prefumed prose.

be her long lost dead dream lover,

savior and knightly defender

be her saint, hope, path to recover,

be her desire and dark cinder.

Give back her angelic soul,

take away miseries hand

revenge be hers and

let a new justice stand.


author bio:

Valerie Ann Wheeler