Craftin With Hootie

Are you Ready?

There is a notable chill in the air. In the distance you can smell warn sage mixed with an apply smell. A deeper breath reveals the faint smell of sulfur and you know that you are getting closer. As you make your way carefully down the secluded path, winding through the woods, deeper and farther away from prying eyes, you hear the faint but rhythmic tapping on a drum and you know now that it is close. It seems like such a forbidden act, sneaking off without telling anyone of where you are going. So exciting as you get closer and now you can see the flicker of the fire through the trees and feel the magickal energy already beginning to rise.
If I ask anyone that frequents Pagan Pages what the smell of sulfur means to them, I would bet that a fair amount of us would all say the same thing. It evokes the memories and magickal feelings of ritual. Nothing says its Samhain like the thoughts of all of your best witchy friends gathered together to bring forth the blessings of the Mother. This is a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest, another witchy year survived, and another year of being mostly free to be who we are without fear. I know that there are still some spaces where it isn’t’ okay to express yourself openly but no worries, the 2012 energy shift will correct that situation.
Many of us, whether we are Solitary or work within a Coven, will perform some kind of spell work during our ritual time. Fumbling around in the ambient glow of candles while very fabulous to set a mood, can be a little distracting. I have found over the course of time that there is a way to get all of your herbs together ahead of time. This saves not only time, but allows you to prepare your spell mixture at the right moon phase. In this way, if say Equinox, or Samhain is falling at a moon time that is not so conclusive to prosperity, your herbs will have the benefit of the full moon energy by preparing everything ahead of time. Now, don’t complain at yourself that that is silly because a High Holiday creates full moon like energy, I know that, but the little extra boost is still beneficial.
Cauldron Spirits are an alcohol based mixture that burn in your cauldron or any other fire safe container. Be wise with this, as you would anything else you were going to burn. Keep it away from all flammable objects, keep it away from children, and please burn in a well ventilated area. Do not ingest this ever! If you do by mistake please call your doctor immediately. Prepare them at the moon time that suits your working purpose and when finished, store them in a cool, dry cupboard. Of course there are many combinations of herbs that can be used to suit the needs that I am going to address so by all means, feel free to substitute. I am a firm believer in following the intuition given you by your guides.

Items needed:

Base Mixture

*Half pint mason jar
*Isopropyl Alcohol
*Distilled Water
*Mortar and Pestle

*Dried Patchouli


*White Sage



Psychic Visioning

*White Sage

*Star Anise*Frankincense Resin


To create the base mixture, you will mix one part distilled water for every 2 parts of alcohol that you use for a more intense flame, and half and half for a lower flame. I heat the water up. By using warm water, when you get everything in the mason jar, it will help to seal it a bit. This isn’t an air tight perfect seal but since we are NOT INGESTING this EVER it doesn’t need to be perfect. Fill your jar 2/3rds full.

For the herbal mixtures, you will treat this as you would any herbal spell mixture. I use about a tablespoon of each, but you can use more or less as needed. I have found that if you have too much in your Cauldron Spirits, it will not burn right.
As you add each one to your mortar, focus on your intention. If you are working towards prosperity, then see yourself in the position you desire, once all are in, continue focusing on your goal as you grind the herbs or resins together. Next you will simply add this into your jar. Screw on the lid and give it a little shake. I have been known to add a stone to the jar but, if you do this, be sure to keep your stone out of the fire. Don’t put your best clear quartz in there as the colorations of the herbs and with some stones, the alcohol, will discolor them.
Store away until ready for use. If you are not a “pyro“, then use a long match to light.

Have a Blessed Samhain!