Crystal Song, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Sai, as soon as she had left the gates of the city, let the hood of her cloak fall. Her feet picked up the pace of a run as her cloak billowed out behind her. She called out with her mind to her friend behind the waterfall but received no answer.

her soft slippered feet ran surely along the slippery rock along the falls. Her breathing became labored as she picked up the pace.

“Please, please” Sai chanted in her mind. She scrambled up the rocks near the falls. The roar of the water against the deastone seemed to be deafening.  This time and the peace and serenity she had always felt was gone. The warmth of the cavern was gone and the light that radiated always from the livestone was gone. Sai collapsed to her knees in front of the deastone that was once her friend. Her sobs echoed throughout the entire chamber.

Randmier paused just behind her. He stared at the mother stone that the girl knelt in front of. the smaller livestone that had been attached to her had also faded. He sighed softly.

“It is indeed a shame when a live stone dies” he said sadly. “Though only a chosen would know to grieve for them.”

Sai Gasped and jumped to her feet. Her eyes were wide staring at the man in fron of her. She licked her bottom lip which had become dry. Finding her voice, she said warily. “Only a chosen would know to care. Most are not taught to listen.”

Sai stared at the man in front of her. He was tall and wide shouldered. He stood solidly sure of himself. She knew then he was sent from the central tower. It was also very apparent that she would not just walk away without at least some explanation. She watched as he just simply waited. It was like he had all the time in the world. Perhaps he did. She, however, didn’t. “So, it took you a bit to find me.” Sai faked the courage she didn’t have. “What took you so long?”

Randmier shifted his stance. He stood solidly but also watchfully, his weight balanced on the balls of his feet. A slight smile softened his features. “It did take me a while to find you.” He said. His voice resonated though the cavern until it was heard even over the crash of the water on the deadstone. “What surprised us was that you knew what to do when the others did not.”

Sai lowered her eyes to the deadstone and slowly took a deep breath as she noticed a small glint at her feet. “So they have not all faded” She said. Her voice sounded far off to her own ears even a little breathless. She bent over and picked up the mall livestone. It warmed her hands and flickered its awareness of her. It was fading though and wouldn’t survive unless a connection was made for it to the matrix. Sai began to sing softly at first, then more boldly as she connected with the matrix itself. The crystal’s response to her song was immediate. It flared then pulsed warming in her hands until it thrummed with its own connection to the matrix. Smiling as the young crystal gave her instruction to set it down, Sai did so almost regretfully. She continued her song because she felt the little crystal still needed it. Though the connection to the matrix was complete, she felt the need to continue. The tone of her song changed, becoming more strident. It took on the thrum of the matrix itself.

Sai gave herself up to the song becoming one with it. Her body vibrated with the life-force that was the matrix. Slowly with the energy of the song the small crystal grew. It grew until it filled the chamber with its presence and became the new mother crystal. Then her song changed. Though those that had turned to deadstone could not be revived, the cavern glittered with new life and took on the warmth of the matrix.

Randmier stood in awe of the green singer that sung the songs before him. It was clear she was among one of the chosen. He also realized that she was the most gifted he had seen among them. This girl had single voiced revived a root cavern of livestone. Only the most connected of the gifted would ever attempt such a thing. And it had not been attempted in several turns of the yearly sun.

Sai sank to her knees as weakness consumed her mind. The energy she had was all but spent.

Staring in awe at the new mother crystal, Sai sunk further down until she sat supported by the warmth of the new mother crystal. Her voice once strong, faltered and became silent. She leaned on the crystal that had once been very tiney. The warmth comforted her and she sighed softly.

Randmier approached her cautiously. If she was still connected, he couldn’t move her. He sunk to one knee and peered at her though his inner sight and sighed. He would have to guard her here in the cavern . She slept in the embrace of the crystal form. If he moved her at this time he could kill her and damage forever the life matrix connected to the planet.

He retreated away a bit and sat on a shelf of deadstone. Randmier centered himself and meditated. This could be a long wait.