Crystal Song, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

She floated on a sea of warmth. Sai felt warm and connected to the life matrix. The worry she still felt because of the change in vibrations was not put to rest. She explored the inner matrix and asked repeatedly for the reason why wht matrix was changing. But the matrix had no answer. It was more concerned with replacing the energy she expended in healing the root cavern. It was hours later, after she had been restored, Sai emerged from the matrix.

A soft wisper of movement brought Radmier to full attention. The girl he had followed into the cavern stired and woke from the embrace of the matrix. He stood and moved to kneel by her side. “You are very lucky green singer.” He stated flatly. The line of his mouth when she tried to move away from him flattened. “Do not move just yet. The matrix has yet to release you fully.” He placed a restraining hand on her shoulder. “Do you know what happen or what you have accomplished?” he asked of her. There was a gruff awe in his voice. When she only watched him warily he stood and moved a bit away.

After he moved away, Sai calmed enough to allow the matrix to release her without struggling. The question he had asked her upon waking still puzzled her. Her lips were dry and her throat felt sore. She had done only as she was led to do. “I did what was needed.” She answered simply.

Randmier quirked an eyebrow and ran his hand though his hair. He realized that she really didnt understand the importance of what she had accomplished. He watched as she emerged fully from the matrix. “Are you strong enough to walk?” he asked her.

Upon his aking, Sai tried to rise. As soon as she got to her feet, her knees wobbled and she plopped back down with a startled look on her face.

Randmier approached her and knelt. A look of concern briefly crossed his face and then vanished. He wrapped her tightly into her cloak and picked her up. He held her tightly as if she weighed no more then a live fragment.

Randmier made his way out of the root cavern carring his light burden. He was as agile as a ghost cat on the slippery deadstone. Sai looked up at the man who carried her. She could see the determination on his face. She didnt know who this man was but she knew what he was. If was said that the guardians of the towers rarely left them. Thier sole purpose was to guard the chosen and see to t hier needs and welfare. They were also said to have greater gifts than the chosen but on a different level. Thier gifts were all force related. The chosen, howerver, had gifts relating to the matrix itself. All of her race were very gifted. The gifts, however were varied and held separate abilities and tasks that could be accomplished with them. It was how someone became classed.

Guardians could be deadly if needed. But to Sai’s rememberance of the histories, there had not been a necessity for that kind of force in over a hundred turns of the yearly sun.

The last time force had been needed was the time of the organization of the towers. The time when it was determined that the towers should be formed to better control the life matrix and also to join the crystal form with the gifted. It made the people more powerful in controling thier own dstiny. There had been a huge war that broke out between each side. The guardians split down each side. Many had died.

It was the opposing side’s view that too much manipulation of the life matrix would do more harm then good and that they should continue as they had been. It had not been until the tower war that the classes had been formed.

Green singers had the affinity for growing things. They sang into the matrix to continue the plant life and even in some instances Aricanite life as well.

Blue singers had the affinity for the waters and everything within them.

Brown singers delt with Aricania proper. Everything that was connected to the planet proper, stones.. etc. They mostly delt with the minerals and deadstone, however.

Yellow singers sang within the air itself. Thier’s was the power of storms and wind.

The Crystal singers communicated iwth the Crystal Form itself. In them everyone learned all about the history of Aricania. How it was formed and even the histories of the universe itself.

Caught within her reverie, Sai didnt notice thier destination until they were within the main complex. The energy heere was more focused than in any part of the planet. It was said that the tower grew out of the center of the planet itself. That the first singers had found a root cavern that originated in the center of the planet and had sang the mother crystal to complete the inner tower.

As they enetered, Sai caught her breath. Immediately the mother crystal made contact with her. It transered information so quickly that her head began to swim. Randmier entered a small living chamber and placed her on the sleeping couch. “You will be able to gather your strength here before the chosen and the dignataries gather.” He said a bit gruffly as he turned to go.

“I am to be punished then?” Sai asked fearfully. The penality for going beyond your station could be very harsh. It involved the blocking of abilities. This scared her more than anything else.

Randmier almost did not comment but the fear in her tone stopped him. More than anything else he sensed they needed her and her fear would become a block to that end. He turned and knelt by the couch. ” I doubt very seriously that there will be any comprizals from your link today. We just have a few questions that need to be answered.” He gave her a reassuring look then left.

Randmier strod down the crystal halls of the complex. Much weighed on his mind. The whole collapse was not natural and he believed it was not a minor happenstance. There had to be more than they saw. This little green singer was the key. They had to have her cooperation. He ment to assure that it would not be compromised.

He enetered the council chamber and was greeted byt the chosen who numbered seven as well as the council who also numbered seven.

The seven council members wore robes of deep purple and were all male. They were the representives of the ruling classes of all the districts of the plante.

The chosen were all female and wore robes of irridesent white. It was then that randmier noticed something.