Goddess in the Grove


The clouds gathered overhead, the full moon shone like a beacon on the brisk fall night. Cloaked figures gathered around a circle….a medicine wheel garden. Everyone wore a black cloak…everyone except the High Priestess, she wore a dark green cloak of the softest velveteen. Her features obscured by the drapes of the hood, she raised her arms to the heavens and called out to the Goddess she loved.

The rest of the coven followed suit, raising their arms as if to gently lift down a sacred and treasured object from overhead. Their voices joined the high priestess’s in praise and reverence. Candles flickered and the winds inside the circle calmed to almost nothing, while the weather outside changed none.

The light from the moon shone on the upturned faces of the night flowers, making them shine and glow with an eerie yet beautiful essence. Off in the distance you could hear the faint howl of a coyote….and the hoot of an owl. Animals of the woods gathered just outside of the circle’s reach, lending their own magick to the sacred ceremony taking place.

Just down the main path from the garden stood a small, church-type building. Once a house, it was made into a sanctuary for the coven, with a house off to the side for the high priestess and her pets. She had a producing garden of fruits, vegetables and herbs just outside her backdoor. Known by the coven as not only the high priestess but a healer and shaman, she made her own poultices, salves, lotions, soaps and so forth.

Tonight, on the night of the full moon, was the Samhain ceremony. Typically known to most others as Halloween, this was one of the most sacred of holidays observed by this coven and others around the world. A day to honor those who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge and to make the veil between the two worlds thin, the coven had much to honor and be thankful for.

After the circle ceremony was over, the group gathered at long tables inside the small sanctuary and feasted on dishes prepared by the coven members earlier in the day. Places were set for those who were feasting from a different world, honored and never forgotten.

Music wafted in from the other room, sometimes some good old fashioned rock and roll, sometimes newer, more modern pagan rock or quieter, calmer instrumental music played. The people were full of food, good memories and magickal energies. Each shared a story about one of the places that they had set at the table, bringing the spirit of that person to live for those in the room.

Children played and those who knew and understand the ways of the coven were able to take part in the ceremony outside earlier. After all was done, the children dressed up in their finest Halloween attire and traipsed off to go plunder the houses nearby for some sweet Halloween treats.

Watching from her lofty perch on the Moon, the Goddess smiled as she took the hand of her consort, the God. Her children were many in number, even if they were not close by to one another. Yet their energies kept them in touch, even if by the merest threads of magick. One day, their children would be great in number, spreading the word of the Goddess and God all over the world, so that everyone may hear and listen to the wisdom of the ages….Harm ye none, do as ye will!! So Mote It Be!!!