Crafting a Wand


One of the most rewarding things you can do is
make your own magickal tools which you use.
Your own personal energy begins to be imbued with your
own personal energy as soon as you start making it.
And making a wand is a pretty simple thing to do if you
are handy with glue and have a bit of imagination.

Choose a length of wood (remember to ask the tree if you
want to cut a branch… and listen for the answer!)
The traditional length for a wand it the length from your
elbow to the tip of your middle finger, but you can make it
any size that feels comfortable.
During this stage remember how you will be using it and
choose a size that won’t be cumbersome.
Different trees have different magickal correspondences,
so you might like to look these up and choose an appropriate
wood. As always though go with your personal feelings.
Some examples are apple for love magick, elder for fairie
magick, oak for nature magick or willow for general magick.

You will probably want a crystal point for the tip, which you
can buy fairly cheaply from your local metaphysical shop.
These also have correspondences, so either look these up and
choose an appropriate one, or select one that you are drawn to.
To fix your crystal to the wand gouge a bit of wood out of the
tip of the wand to help hold the crystal. Glue with high temp
hot glue gun or a strong hold glue then let set.

Now use glue on bottom sides of crystal and top inch or
so of wood. Wrap a little bit of the crystal and a section
of the wood with leather strips, cord or embroidery thread
in a color that goes with the purpose of the wand. This helps
to secure the crystal. Now wrap the base end of the wand by
gluing wood and wrapping with leather or yarn to make a hand hold.
Use the same color as on top and cover about 4 inches.
(You might like to practice wraping the leather or yarn
around the wood before you glue it.)

You may decorate the shaft of the wand with symbols that
relate to the purpose of the wand, such as runes and other
symbols that have meaning for you. You can use a knife,
water proof marker, paint, woodburning tool, etc. You could
decorate the end of the top yarn with gemstone beads,
metalbeads, wood beads and tip it with feathers if you like.
Use your imagination when it comes to your decorations.
After all it is your wand.

Cleanse and consecrate as with any tool.