Interview with Saira B


PaganPages: Who are the members of your band?

Saira B.: It’s just me.

PP: Where were you born and raised?

SB: South Bend, Indiana

PP: Can you tell us about your childhood, parents, siblings, and surroundings?

SB: I really don’t talk about my childhood…. Let’s just say, it influenced the way I am today.

PP: What instruments do you play?

SB:  I dabble with playing instruments… When I was younger, I played piano.

Tried guitar (acoustic)

PP: When did you start to have an appreciation for music? What age?

SB: Ever since I can remember. Always. I was always singing.

PP: What was the culminating point in your life where you decided that music was something you wanted to make a career out of?

SB: It’s all I’ve EVER wanted to do.

PP: Who gave you your first musical instrument and what was it? What age did you start singing and writing?

SB: I was given a guitar at age 12… I’ve been singing as long as I can remember.
When I was younger, my sis & I would sing for people (neighbors) for a quarter…. lol

PP: What spiritual path or spiritual belief system/religion were you raised as?

SB: I was FORCED into church my whole life…. I didn’t appreciate it, other peoples beliefs forced on me constantly. I do not attend church of any sort now…

PP: Did you take musical lessons as a child or is the ability that you have self-taught?

SB: I can say I taught myself, because I did. I would listen to songs on the radio, and do what they did… I could do everything they did and more… I always knew it was what I was meant to do. I also was in choir all through school…. I was, and still am obsessed with everything music related.

PP: What other bands or musical groups were you in before?

SB: I was never in any music groups. I’ve always been known as a great vocalist around town…
I did ‘hooks’ for other artists (and whatever other vocals they needed). I was always wanting to record a song that was all my own…

PP: How did you meet the musical artists that have influenced your music and career as well as your writing?

SB: I have yet for that…. I am influenced by ‘life’ & ‘feelings’ — not people directly.

PP: Whose idea was it to form the band we all know of today as Saira B.?

SB: Me. It’s always been formed in my mind…. just didn’t have the means to make it a reality.

PP: What influences do you personally bring to the band?

SB: Hopefully, the influence of Darkness.

PP: Who were your musical idols growing up?

SB: So many… Sade, TLC, Mariah Carey, Jewel, Sarah McLaughlin, Destiny’s Child, Toni Braxton, Brandy. No Doubt there are so many… I could go on & on…

PP: What other bands do you admire now?

SB: Beyonce, Cradle Of Filth, Keri Hilson, Draconian, Razed In Black, BrokenCyde, 3oh!3
All Kinds of Dark & Crunk S!#*!

PP: How would you describe the music you make and the lyrics you write?

SB: They need to be heard… I have a dark message for everyone… I have ‘twisted’ love songs bleeding through the pages… I have visions of a dark ‘Dream’ That I know as A ‘Reality’…
The whole world will be black…. inside & out*

PP: Is Saira B. your real name or a stage name?

SB: Saira B. is my real name. My last name begins with a B.

PP: What other bands/musical artists have you collaborated with/toured with/played with/opened for? Tell us about those experiences.

SB: I haven’t toured yet. I will eventually.



Rob of Necrodemon

Steve Dickson (Signal)

Bryon DeVolder

Crook & F-5ive

So Many in South Bend & Mishawaka…

If I didn’t remember your name…it’s probably because you f*%$#@ me over in one-way or another. (Let’s just say I’ve done lots of recordings that I don’t even have a copy of…let alone get credit for)…

PP: Let’s talk about 6 of your songs: Your picks although my favorites are Secrets and Spun. Tell us about each of these songs.

SB: Secrets— A song about… Obsessing over someone…. Forever… Willing to play a deadly game, just to prove a point to the one you ‘LOVE’ so much…

Spun— Wanting to be with someone… no matter the cost… The past is irrelevant… being away from them is torture… Intoxicated— The feeling you get when your ‘in love’… it consumes you & makes your heart dance…

Surreal — Very intense feeling. Sadness & longing to die with the one you ‘love’… In Death, nothing can touch the two.

Thugged Down — More of a ‘need’ for short-term closeness…A past and present friendship…. unspoken, unbreakable bond.

— A song about power, regret, revenge, hatred…. and a f*%$#@ up ending.

PP: Do you have a personal favorite song? If so which one is it and why?

SB: My Personal favorite is ‘Secrets’—- I’m all about insane [email protected]#…. revenge & stalking…who said it was over? Do you believe them? Do you believe yourself??? Why???? Reality Hurtzzz…

PP: What can one expect to find when we see you perform live?

SB: When the time is right… Sooner before later…

PP: Can you tell us a bit about your cd’s and DVDs’ special projects or endeavors etc.?

SB: My first cd… Darkness Falls, will be out SOON! Also an ‘X’ Record’s compilation album featuring 2 songs from each of their artists.

PP: How do you see yourself evolving as an artist?

SB: I want to touch everyone. I claim no genre. No Boundaries here. I want to spread darkness across the world & beyond. I want to work with some of my fave producers & such… TimBalAnD would be just fine (can we say, top spot?)!!

PP: What special projects, new releases can we expect to find from you in the near future?

SB: My Album…. Darkness Falls, The ‘X’ RECORDS compilation album. Lots of collabs!

PP: Any tour dates your fans should be made aware of? What are your latest tour dates?

SB: None as Of Right Now… Eventually…yes!

PP: Please give us links for ordering your cd’s and dvd’s etc. and for any other special projects that you would like our readers to know about.

SB: My first CD will be available soon through X Records: www.xrecords.biz. All of my music will also be available on all the digital download sites. For now everyone can simply visit:

PP: Do you think an artist should play it safe of push the envelope? Why? And are you signed to a major record label yet? What is your present record label? Tell us about it.

SB: I was recently signed to ‘X’ RECORDS (October). I say be yourself…. Whatever that entails… Really…. never change for ANYONE, NO MATTER WHAT.

Thank you for the great interview, Saira.