Meandering through the Past

Tools of the Trad, The Wand

Back say in the 1600’s those who practiced witchcraft didn’t have the local metaphysical shop to run down to for purchasing their needs. The tools of the trade, were found in the way they were first intended, first by need, then by intuition.

Often a practitioner could be found walking amongst the trees of a forest, just enjoying the sun filtering it’s way through the leaves above. Maybe the witch is thinking about how lonely they feel. Maybe the thoughts running through their minds were about how to heal a particularly bad cold, or some other need stealing their attention.

Often these thoughts would guide them directly to the object which would fulfill their need or desire. We will begin this series on The Tools of the Trade with Wands in the “Olden Days”.

As said practitioner walked through that forest, their sight might be drawn to a stick laying on the forest floor. This witch, would not break off a piece of a living tree unless their intuition guided them to do so. If that were the case, the witch would quiet their mind, lay their palms against the roughened skin of the tree, and ask the spirit living within the tree, if they might remove the branch.

The same would occur for a stick laying on the ground. Before just removing it from the forest floor, the witch would offer a prayer and ask the Earth and forest if they might take the stick. If they felt within themselves, that it would be okay to take the stick, they would do so, and usually offer something in return to thank the spirit of the tree or the Earth.

Even today, with metaphysical and Craft stores popping up not only in the local neighborhood, but online as well, we can still use this tired and true method to find our own wands. Take that walk out into a local forest. Feel the trees, the sun, and the Earth underneath you. Listen for any feelings or even voices that might be guiding to in one particular direction or another. See what you can find, offer thanks, and cherish what the Earth has given.