Oracles & Omens

I recently had someone contact me via email requesting that I do a tarot reading for her.  I’ve never met her and had no idea what her current situation was.  I sat with a notepad, my favorite deck and a flickering candle.  I felt that the reading connected totally and the cards were making perfect sense, like they were falling into place.  Sometimes when I do a reading I get in the “zone” and just know that the message is coming through loud and clear.  After finishing up I typed what I had written and sent the reading to the inquirer feeling rather accomplished.  Within a day of receiving the reading she contacted me telling me that the reading was right on target, but not what she wanted to hear.  Next I got all the details on her sorted love affair and she went on to try and convince me to change the meaning of the cards.  I told her that I couldn’t give her romantic advice, but if she read the message again and maybe put it away and looked at it in another week, she would see how it applied to the situation.  The week came and went and this time she sent me an email with specific questions, numbered even!  “Why doesn’t he see that I’m so much better for him than his wife?”….”Should I lie to him and tell him I’m moving away just to see what he says?”  Needless to say, I have decided to suggest to her that she finds someone else who perhaps would have more insight into her situation.

There is so much more to divination than most people realize.  Nothing is more aggravating than receiving a call from someone who is desperate for a tarot reading when they are in self-caused turmoil or are caught in a situation that they know is wrong.  Most of the time these people don’t hear what the cards are trying to tell them and usually they will pick and choose parts of their messages to fit into the answers they want to hear.  If you are not going to listen to your true inner voice, then there is no sense in looking for someone to validate your feelings with a reading.  The first thing you need to realize is that your reader is not your psychologist.  We cannot persuade the married man you are so desperately in love with to leave his wife and fall in love with you.  We cannot give you the lottery numbers for the next power ball drawing and we cannot assure you that stealing money from your great grandmother to pay your bookie off was the right thing to do.  Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying.  If someone comes to me seeking advice for a situation, I will gladly read for them and do my best to present their messages in a non-judgmental fashion.  But, please don’t ask me to tell you everything is going to be alright and that you are a misunderstood soul who is skipping down the pearly path to heaven.

Now please don’t see me as some cranky old gypsy who is complaining about the people she reads for, that’s not at how it is at all.  I just feel that if things are more understood there can be more attention to understanding and getting answers from the higher powers rather than cornering them into giving an answer that they, and we, know is wrong.