Runic Divination

Merry Meet everyone, in this lesson we will learn how to divine with our Runes. The first thing you will need to do is find a place you can work without distraction, once your private place is found you will need to find a flat surface for casting the Runes. Now you are ready to begin. In previous lessons we have learned the meanings of the runes so now it is time to use what we have learned.

There are vast arrays of ways to read the runes just as there are numerous ways to cast and read any system of divination… But we will start with three easy castings that will enable you to begin divining with your stones immediately.

The first thing you will need to do is spread out your rune casting cloth, now pour your stones out and place them right side up and put them in their alphabetical order, making sure to place the blank rune separate from the rest, and then say, “Holy Goddess, mother of us all, guide my hand as I cast these stones, guide my mind as I interpret their meanings and guide my soul as I take them into my life.” Now turn all the stones over and stir them around while concentrating on the question to be asked, select the runes and interpret. This one is an ideal way to do a daily casting, to use the runes as a guide for your day. An example reading would be if you were to draw Ansuz, right side up. This would be interoperated as meaning communication will be of the utmost importance to you today; be sure to explain yourself clearly, and to speak up when necessary and always, always listen to the needs of others.

Instead of a quiz of what we have learned today I would like for you all for one week to do a  daily one stone reading and journal your results being sure to log the stone you pulled and the interpretation you gave. Once you have come to the end of the week email your results to me at [email protected] for further interpretation.

Our next lesson will be on the Three Rune Draw.

Bountiful Blessings & Happy Casting