The Indigo Child

In last month’s column The Indigo Child I announced that this column will be a place where parents of Indigo Children as well as Indigo adults will be able to come for advice and or ask questions about the world of the Indigo and if need be connected with services in your area.

Well there has been several replies since last month so there is nothing further to do than to just jump right into it and start answering questions.

Question #1

Blades Kiss wrote:  Do indigo’s seem to suffer from chronic pain illnesses?? I have talked with many many other people who are indigo who have fibro, rsd etc…

Michele: In answer to your question it has been my experience that Indigo’s do suffer from a lot of pain but the origins of this pain comes from a more soulful area of the psyche many times linked to the caring of others burdens whether in this life or past lives.

Blades Kiss wrote: Any suggestions on how else I could help my children or even myself to embrace our gifts better?

: Parenting an Indigo child is one of the most fulfilling things a parent can ever have the opportunity of doing with his or her child. However if you are having problems understanding what is going on then I would suggest that you check out Metagifted.org it is an online group of individuals who deal with Indigo children every day.

Question #2

Krystyna Chandra wrote: I have believed for a couple of years now that I am an indigo adult but have found it difficult to find other indigos or to find counsel on how to deal with my frustrations and utilize my gifts. I have been / am a practicing witch for almost half of my life and even within my spiritual community I have trouble finding guidance. I think I’ve been doing ok since I figured out what my issue was, the first time I read a list of indigo traits I bust into tears because I “Just Knew”. Are there any outlets – books, websites, anything? That you can recommend to aid me on my journey?

Michele: Again like I have said many times before the first thing any indigo adult must do is find someone who knows what they are going through to talk to and the best way to do that is to find a support group such as Metagifted.org.

Question #3

Crone Witch/Joyce wrote: I’m not sure if this falls with being an Indigo… but most of the Witches I know or have known, have been plagued with back/hip/leg pains…to the point (in my case), where it feels as if my hip has been dislocated or broken.. Just hurts to even move. Just makes me wonder what WE deal with, that manifests in our backs, legs and hips… is it from “carrying” others, and if so, how do we go about “putting them down” and letting them carry themselves? Any ideas? And some of my happiest, “lose myself” time is alone in the gardens… I go out to water something that should take just a few minutes, and when I come back into the house, I see that a few HOURS have passed. For this and the pain, and some other reasons I’ll not take space up to go into, here and now, I believe I’m Indigo, at least in some senses… as is my grandson….as was MY grandmother… and the “skipped” generation thing, as to be “inherited” doesn’t apply here, I was adopted at birth. Can Indigo be a product of environment, as well as heredity?

: In answer to your question regarding pain you hit the mail on the head I am of the belief that the pain we Indigo’s carry is from as you said is from the carrying of others. In order to alleviate this pain one needs to focus on the white light of healing with means you have already spoke of (your Garden), when you are in your garden you are putting yourself in tune with nature and are no longer focusing on the pain. Now as for whether or not being Indigo is hereditary or a product of nature (environment) I believe that being blessed with being an Indigo is something we are born with and the reason it looks as if your gift may have came from your environment has nothing to do with your environment per say but more because you were pre-destined to be with your adopted family because of a past life experience in which you where related to your adopted family most likely your adopted grandmother was your mother in a past life.

In closing I hope these answers have and will be of help to each of you and eagerly await answering more reader’s questions next month.

Bountiful Blessings