The Witch’s Cupboard

The Witch’s Cupboard



Mint (Mentha spp) is also known as “Garden Mint”.   Other names include Menta (Spanish, Italian), Menthe (French), Minze (German), and Nahnah (Arabic).  “Mint” is a general term for herbs in the Mentha family.   There are many different types of Mint which you can research for specific qualities.  Mint is found in parts of Europe and parts of Asia.

In ancient times, Mint was considered an honored herb.  It was used as payments to the Pharisees.  It was also used by the Romans to crown themselves during celebrations and victory.   One of the Goddess myths is that Demeter turned the nymph Mintha into a Mint plant after she caught Hades’s eye in the Underworld.  Mint was also used by Solomon when creating his ritual sprinkler.

Mint can be used in amulets and spells to bring in success and protection.  The bright green mint leaves can be used to bring in prosperity by placing a few leaves in the purse or wallet.  Mint is also used in travel spells to protect the traveler.  Mint is also known to calm the nerves, clear the mind, aid with learning and knowledge.
Mint is considered a “Greene Herb” and is used in kitchen magick.  It is known to bring pleasure to all guests in the household.  Many use it when doing spells and rituals to protect the home.  Mint, along with other protection herbs as rosemary, is sprinkled within the home to keep it safe.

Mint in health is found in many common household items such as toothpaste, medicine and candy .  Mint generates heat and healing so many use it to sooth muscles and help with pain and the joints.  It is also used to battle headaches by just rubbing Mint on the head.  It helps with stomach ailments, including appetite problems, and within oils and liniments to provide healing.

Remember, this is not a substitution for medical advice so always check with a medical professional to make sure working with herbs are safe for you.

Keywords for Mint

Magickal Uses/Spells:  Healing, travel spells, provoking lust, removing evil, money and prosperity spells, success, victory, calling in good spirits, aids in magick, protection, blessing, love potions
Deities:  Pluto, Hecate
Invocatory:  Hades, Mintha
Planet:  Mercury, Venus
Gender:  Masculine
Element:  Air
Tarot Correspondence:  The Fool