Sexual Magick **Adult Content**

**Adult Content**

Chastity as Sexual Magick

Despite the interest in the other forms of sexual magick… today we are going to discuss, “Chastity”. It is important to realize that chastity is also a form of Sexual Magick and has been used for magickal purposes for untold millennia.

In the ancient Roman religion there was only one type of “Priest” who’s role was carried out exclusively by Females. These were the Vestal Virgins, who, from pre-puberty committed themselves to Chastity for 30 years.

Now, curiously enough… their primary job was to attend to the Sacred Fire. It is also of note that cross-culturally… the Sexual Energy is often called the “Sacred Fire”. Vesta was Goddess of the Hearth, the home fire. This is quite telling in itself.

In medieval magickal grimoires it is common to see rules to refrain from sexual activity for a set period of time before evoking the spirits to visible appearance or beseeching the Angels for aid.

In Taoist Internal Alchemy and some forms of Yoga, the Sexual Energy is tended to, by withholding it… and circulating it through various “Channels” and “Meridians”. This sexual energy seems to link Heaven and Earth through Humanity, which stands between them.

By withholding the Sexual Force, one is able to internalize the energies and then utilize them for other purposes… whether Mystical or Magickal.

There are even techniques where one brings their self to the very brink of orgasm and then by physical manipulation withholds the release of the energy, so that it may be re-absorbed and transmuted into something immediately and Magickally useful.

Because the individual’s Sexual Force is part of the Creative Energy of the Universe… it may be used to “Create”. This can be quite obvious, as during the conception and birth of a child. However, the retention, circulation, and release of these same energies through Magickal Rites can be extremely powerful tools for today’s practitioner of the Art.

As anyone who has restrained from sex long enough can attest… the withholding of Sexual Forces definitely builds up some energy that requires an eventual “release”. We also occasionally hear someone describe a fantastic session of sexual activity as, “there were fireworks going off”. Now, by the inner retention of these energies… one is able to re-channel them and in effect cause the same fireworks to be used as fuel for another Magickal vehicle.

Now, IMHO it is not healthy (in today’s society) to repress the sexual energies for extended periods of time. The Catholic Church which has for centuries advocated the Sexual Magick of Chastity in its Priests and Nuns… has been involved in countless cases of sexual abuse, due to the longterm effects of sexual restraint in those not psychologically prepared to handle it.

The big advantage this method (with some exceptions where actual sex is halted prior to orgasm) has over most of the other methods of Sexual Magick is its high level of safety against STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). So, if you want to try Sexual Magick, but have fears over its safety… maybe try a period of Chastity. After all, aren’t you sacrificing a part of yourself and your own creative energies in service to the Lord and Lady?