Nite Rites

“Triumph Over Troubles Rite”

We have all experienced times when we are overcome with worry or doubt about something very important to us. This rite is designed to help you move through your worry and start working on a solution.


Bowl of water

Bowl of salt

Worry stone

Worry dolls (5)

Pentacle paten

2 small pieces of mirror

Mica and unakite

Strand of silver cord

Two white candles

Incense burner, trivet, and charcoal tablet

Incense of your choice

Chalice with drink

Plate with food

Offering bowl

Altar Set-up

Gather all the materials and place on the altar. The two white candles should be across from each other, as they represent the God and the Goddess.  The God-side of the altar should be on the left and also include the bowl of salt and the plate of food for the offering. The incense burner with charcoal tablet should be on top of the trivet and placed on the left side of the altar. The pentacle paten should be in the middle of the altar. The right side of the altar should have the bowl of water, incense, and chalice with beverage. The offering bowl, silver cord, two mirrors, mica, unakite, worry dolls, and worry stone should be off to the side of the altar.


Ground and center yourself in your traditional way. Cast a sacred circle and call the powers of the Elements to balance your circle. Light the charcoal tablet and add some incense to it. Light the God and Goddess candles and invite them into your circle to offer their support for your workings tonight.

Hold the mica out in front of you and state your worry out loud into the stone. Encase the mica between the two pieces of mirror and tie them all together with the silver cord. Place the bundle on top of the pentacle paten on the altar. Place the unakite on top of the bundle.  Repeat the following:

    I am captive no more in a place of nowhere,
    Lingering aimlessly in my self-pity and despair.
    I am taking control and lead from this day forth,
    Finding strength within myself – the original source.

Place one of the worry dolls at each of the five points of the pentagram surrounding the bundle. Pick up the dolls, one-by-one starting this the top point and moving widdershins, and state to each doll one thing that you can do to help you move past this worry.  When you are done, say:

    The will, the voice, and the movement are mine.
    I will carry onward as I design,
    New hope and new paths I walk on from here,
    Banishing doubt, worry, sadness and fear.

Pick up the worry stone and hold out in front of you. Repeat:

But if new worries creep into my daily life,

And I find myself consumed in ongoing strife,

I will keep this token by my side,

And hold it close by so to it I can confide.

Dip the worry stone in the bowl of salt, pass it carefully through the smoke of the incense, and then dip it into the water. Then, carefully pass it over the flames of the God and Goddess candles.

In the name of the Mighty Ones,

This token is blessed.

May it serve its’ purpose well,

Doubt, fear and worry it will quell.

Make an offering of drink and food in honor of the God and Goddess. Thank them for the presence. Dismiss the Elements and open the sacred circle. This rite has ended.


When the issue is resolved, break the mica into two parts and bury them in the ground separately.