The Indigo Child

What is an Indigo Child?

It has been said that Indigo children display innovative and bizarre psychological attributes, which up until a relatively short time ago had not been documented. Many skeptics suggest that the indigo child is nothing more than a child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or some other type of mental disability but that could not be further than the truth. While yes some indigo children may well be diagnosed with ADHD the truth of the matter is that these children are just old souls striving to bring the world into the next level of human evolution. A majority of the indigo children posses what some would describe as paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and other psychic abilities and are generally more creative and empathetic than their non-indigo counterparts.

Now some of you might read this and say how does she know so much about indigo children any way? Well the answer to that is I am an indigo adult and am the mother of three indigo children each of whom are as different as night and day but are special n their own ways. My one son has been diagnosed with everything from ADHD to Asperger’s syndrome when in all actuality he is just a normal kid who happens to have been blessed with the gift of healing; while my other son who is now 21 years old and now an indigo adult has never suffered from any misdiagnosis and is a happily married man with a beautiful son but has the gift of clairvoyance and finally my 12 year old daughter  is generally a happy child but due to the constant ridicule of her peers at school and often times their parents she has  in the past suffered from severe migraines and depressive mood swings. However, after talking with a therapist who also happens to be an indigo adult she has been able to accept her gifts of clairaudience and now embraces her specialness.

How can you tell if Your Child or Yourself are Indigos’?

Below I have compiled a list of questions for you and your child to answer:

* Are you or your child always searching for your greater purpose in life but feel as if the world is not ready for you?
* Do you or your child sometimes feel wise beyond your earthly age?
* Do you or your child have trouble meeting the requirements of everyday society?
* Do you or your child often feel out of place in the world today?
* Do you or your child see the world exceptionally differently than most individual’s around you?
* Do you or your child have strong intuitions about things that the majority of others do not?
* Do you or your child often feel as if no one understands you when you try to express your feelings about what’s real?
* Are you or your child a seeker of the truth?
* Do you or your child feel as if you were born to achieve a special mission in life?
* Do you or your child feel cut off from the rest of the world when it comes to your beliefs?
* Are you or your child misunderstood by family and friends?
* Do you or your child more often than not feel unsociable except when you are with like minded individuals?
* Are you or your child emotionally sensitive?
* Did you or your child have a difficult childhood?
* Do you or child oftentimes feel disempowered by excessive authority?

If you or your child answered yes to at least 10 of these questions it is a very strong possibility that you too are Indigo and if that s the case embrace your gifts as they were given to you for a reason, a reason we may never know in this lifetime or even see come to pass but one day it will if not for us for our children.