HearthBeats: Notes from a Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Wicca

I recently received an e-mail from a group I belong to that stated that a Kitchen Wicca was a Witch who practices his/her art mainly thru cooking and common household skills. Or one who uses common everyday items in his/her art, like in times of old, when it was necessary to hide your working tools from those who would persecute you for their possession. While these images are certainly true ones, Kitchen Witchery goes far beyond magical cooking or using ordinary items as magical tools, it is a way of life, one that incorporates every aspect of your life. And because it is utilized mostly at home it is classified as “kitchen” Wicca.  But as it was in the past, the “old ways” or “ ancient ways”  it is a life ritual, one that you start when you wake for the day and you close as you go to bed, often even in your sleep if you astral travel. It is not a thing you do just when you are in the kitchen or at home. It is what you do as you are walking , driving to work, sitting down for a meal, talking to friends online or on the phone. Your energy is always connected to others and the God/dess and your actions always mindful of that connection.  You are ever prepared to help, either others or yourself, and the tools you used are the everyday. The “kitchen witch” is one that does not NEED specialized tools; they will pick up a branch as quickly as a wand, or a bowl as cauldron. They know it is the deed not the items that make the work they are doing. A Kitchen Witch’s sacred space is their home. His/Her magickal tools consist of the flame of the stove, the tap water, the food from the earth, the aroma of the meal. These all come together, representing the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Kitchen Witchery is a form of Witchcraft, but by no means a formal one. You won’t find Kitchen Witchcraft Covens, degrees, Priests or Priestesses. A Kitchen Witch may hold ritual, but doesn’t necessarily have to. S/he will do small spells, or may do none at all. Kitchen Witches, Hearth Witches, Cottage Witches run the spectrum of chaos magick to ceremonial magick; but there isn’t a lot of information regarding Kitchen Witches, because this path has been passed down orally from parent to child through the ages. A Kitchen Witch is all about the home, and not just the kitchen. S/he sews, gardens, cares for the family, and is able to do all s/he needs from within herself and her home. The Kitchen Witch draws from the power of the Goddesses of the Ancient World, Hestia, Janus, and Athena, just to name a few.

Now I am not saying that other forms of Wicca or Witchery are bad or wrong, but as this is my affiliation I can only speak for that which I know.  I also am not saying that we do not used specialized tools as well. I have my kitchen ritual space that is ever ready and up and running, but I also have my Altar area that I have my “tools” for those times I wish to do a special ritual, or have a group ritual, one that others may be participating in. Here is where my Wand, Athame, crystals, Statuary, etc live. Now it is also somewhere I visit every day and often incorporate in my everyday as it is situated in my Dining room and has people in it for most every meal.

A Kitchen Witch is skilled many things such as Cooking, Sewing or Weaving, herbalism, Washing and cleansing, Teaching, and Time management, Healing and First Aid, Counseling. Do not let this fool you for a minute.. a Kitchen Witch is much much more than this.

But unfortunately in this day the Kitchen Witch is a dying breed. With everyone racing around with fast food, and everything you could ever grow for sale at the market, wal-mart to the rescue; the Kitchen Witch art is disappearing fast. But we can save this way of life, by teaching our children the ways we live, by working as a family unit to create instead of keeping to ourselves. We much learn to adapt our ways and incorporate the old with the new. If you do not have a garden, grow in pots on the sill. If you cannot be home as much as you wish, at least try to eat dinner as a family, and do something craftwise on the days off.  Be mindful of the Magick when you clean up, infuse your home with your energy even if it is only a few minutes a day.

Well I will stop as I do not want to lecture or sound like I am up on my soap box..

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth