Paranormal Path

Famously Haunted

Part III Disneyland Aneheim, CA.

Disneyland has always been known as the happiest place on earth, yet as with most historic places, there is a dark side. There are many stories of haunting in the Magic Kingdom. A dear friend of mine is a former cast member of Disneyland and here are some of the accounts from him and a few other employees.

When we first enter the park we are greeted by a regal statue of Walt Disney himself, welcoming us to his land, his creation, and the place that some say he still resides. There is a particular train, engine #2, said to have been Walt’s favorite. Mr. Disney loved trains and cast members who have worked on this engine report that before going through the tunnel that leads to the Toontown Station, the bell will ring by itself. Some feel and possibly hope it is Walt himself letting them know he is still a part of the park. Another story from the train tracks is of an old engineer seen wearing train conductor clothes walking the tracks from the overpass between the park entrance
and Main Street, only to disappear. There have been no reports of any conductors meeting their demise along these tracks, but since the parks opening in 1955 it is possible that one of the first conductors may have since passed on and may just be returning to the place they knew best.

Ironically Tomorrowland has the most reported deaths than any other section. One tragic story is of Thomas Cleveland, a 19 year old who tried to sneak in to a Grad night celebration back in 1966. He climbed the fence and ended up on the tracks of the Monorail. A guard saw the boy and a quickly approaching Monorail. He yelled to the boy who attempted to jump to a canopy below the track but didn’t make it in time. Now there are reports of a young boy seen walking the tracks until the Monorail approaches, then disappears.

Another interesting tale takes place in Fantsyland. There is a story of a woman named Dolly Young. Dolly Is seen near the break room of the Matterhorn. She lost her life on this ride when she was thrown from it after unfastening her seatbelt.

One of the most popular and my personal favorite section of Disneyland is New Orleans Square. This is where we find the Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion ride. There is an unconfirmed story of the ghost of a young boy who is seen on the security cameras riding the boat in Pirates of the Caribbean. There has been one confirmed death on this ride but no connection to the story of the young boy.

However one of the better known ghost stories is of the real haunting in the Haunted Mansion. The story tells of a mother who brought her young son’s ashes to the ride and asked to spread them there since it was his favorite. When her request was denied she found a way to do it anyway and the ashes blended well with the dusty appearance of the ride. There have been reports of a little boy seen crying near the exit ramp. There are different versions of this story, others state the young boy helps in the loading queue by closing the doom buggies. There are a few authentic pieces of haunted history in the mansion. During the scene with the phantom piano player and the dead bride, there is a chest that sits in this scene as well. The chest is from a home in Northern California and is believed to be haunted. When Walt Disney heard of it he knew it would be perfect for the attraction. Those who have visited the mansion may have also noticed the hearse that sits just outside, it was rumored to be the actual hearse of Brigham Young but these are just rumors as this hearse was constructed, from scratch, at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, Ca.

Disneyland has always been a place for magic and wonder, where anything seems possible. These stories of ghosts and haunting are difficult to find but they open up other possibilities. If these stories were made more public would it deter guests from visiting or would it bring in even more people with a whole new reason to visit the Magic Kingdom?