A Walk on the Pagan Path

My husband and I have made a very important decision this month and it is a decision that will no doubt change life as we have known it for many years. We have decided that we will become farmers. Now for many of you, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but I can barely contain myself with all of the emotions I am feeling. As my husband starts the planning process and obtaining the necessary equipment, I find myself thinking of all the possibilities. Some of the things that I find myself thinking about may be strange to others. However, it is the natural mental process that I am going through so I am just rolling with it.

Along with farming much of our land for income, we will have our own garden that will be quite larger than we have ever had. I find that I have a growing list of things I want to learn to do that I have never found time to learn before. I want to learn how to can vegetables. I want to learn to make jellies and jams. I want to build my own personal greenhouse and grow many of my own herbs and flowers. We have already discussed bringing aboard some chickens and learning how to start a compost pile. All of this talk about this and that makes me want to learn more about cooking more meals from scratch. All of this is new to me and I realize that this is excitement of doing something new. I know that it will be a lot of hard work.

While I stand outside looking at the land around us, I also feel the excitement of other things. I can’t help but smile thinking how this will increase our spiritual awareness of our immediate surroundings. We are about to embark on something new that will connect us with the earth in such a way that many people are unfamiliar with. Our appreciation of the earth and what it can do for us with tender love and care will be strongly heightened. As we tend to our land, we will have ample time to converse with the Gods/Goddesses as they use us as a tool to take care of the land. Not only will our connection strengthen in this way, but I also imagine our family connection will become stronger as well.

As our sons grow older, I feel living on a farm will provide them the tools they need to grow into incredible young men. I see so many positive outcomes for them that I have not had a moment to worry about any negative possibilities. Both of my parents were raised on a farm. I remember the stories they would share with me. I also remember them being poor but able to survive. They shared a bond with their families that I didn’t understand. Now that I am older, I get it. They had to depend on each other. They had to work together. Their view of life was simple and wasn’t interfered with by all the technology we have so conveniently today. They didn’t take for granted the food they ate or the land beneath their feet. For the land that they rest on and played on also provided them with their meals and income. They wasted nothing and found uses for everything. They were also very spiritual. They said their blessings before every meal and every night before bedtime. They prayed for a good harvest and rain if needed. They provided what they could to the land, and the land provided back tenfold.

I want that life. Maybe not so much the poverty part of it, but I want the understanding of life and earth that a farmer has. I want to see firsthand how everything is connected in such a way that I never realized. As I put my energy into planting a seed, I want to see that energy return by producing food. I want to learn how to take care of myself and my family in such a way that we no longer 100% rely on others. Technology is great, but we have become so dependent on it.

As always, I would enjoy hearing from any of you on this month’s article. Are you a farmer or have you considered it? Do you find that there is a spiritual connection with the act of farming? Anything you wish to share will be great. I can’t wait to hear from you.