Across the Great Divide

Environmental Factors of Ghost Hunting

We’ve covered a lot of events, phenomenon, and terminology associated with ghost hunting over the months. Unfortunately for many in the mainstream sciences these still amount to fringe science; so I thought it time to touch on some of the principles of environmental and natural science to show how they apply to paranormal research. For all the advances we’ve made in science, there is much about our physical world, let alone the spiritual and psychological, that we have yet to understand.

Parapsychology theories propose that hauntings are caused by the environment’s ability to capture or “record” events; and that the spirit, once free of its corporeal form, is able to exist outside the physical realm to manipulate and communicate with the material world at will. If the flashpoint of an event (the initial occurrence or catalyst) is charged with enough emotional and/or physical energy the event can be imprinted into the location.

Cultures around the world and through the ages view the world and attempt to classify its characteristics based on their own unique outlooks and beliefs. Science is no different. It attempts to understand through experimentation and research rather than through folklore and faith.

First is the theory of the spirit as energy. Electricity is a building block of life- the driving force of the central nervous system that provides us with movement, thought, memory, and sensory perception. If we are indeed beings of energy, then upon death of the physical body we simply revert back to a state of pure energy.

When dealing with paranormal theories, science has the wonderfully ambiguous term “natural.” Natural refers to any real phenomenon that appears ghostly but is defined as being created by a “scientifically unknown property of the present nature.” Simply put, science dodges the paranormal implications by classifying the things its instruments and methodology can’t explain as “natural” and shelves them for later review and study. Think of this as the scientific equivalent of the saying “God works in mysterious ways.”

Polarity is a term with both scientific and cultural meanings and connotations. It is the concept that everything that exists- natural, spiritual, or otherwise- has an exact equal but opposite companion.

Many of the tools and theories in parapsychology work on the premise that paranormal activity isn’t just beyond the normal, but is the exact opposite of normal. The philosophical undertone to this thought is worthy of further analysis and discussion, I think.

Science regards the worlds of the physical body, the spiritual, and the psychological, as three completely separate and mutually exclusive segments of existence. Energy is movement caused by either mechanical or chemical reactions. Electricity is, therefore, just a form of energy with no sentience or will of its own. It simply follows a prescribed and predictable set of variables; so when forms of energy present incidents that fall outside the rigid expectations of behavior, the phenomena are referred to in the aforementioned definition of a “natural” phenomenon.

The primeval worldview puts all matter and thought in the universe into one of five “energies” or “elements”. Air, the first element of alchemical tradition, is the essence of intuition and learning; element of the east and the nature of the mind. Its modern-day counterpart would be the gaseous state of matter. The second, Fire, is the essence of purification and change; the element of the south and the nature of the will. Its present-day brother would be plasma. Water is the essence of love and fertility; the element of the west and the nature of emotions. Its physical properties are that of the liquid state of matter. Earth is the essence of grounding and stability; element of the north and the nature of balance. Its equivalent is the solid state of matter. The fifth element refers to all things spiritual- thought, emotion, faith, reflection, ideas, and inspiration. All five elements work together and in harmony with one another.

If we follow the five-element worldview, then the cardinal compass directions of north, east, south, and west have an impact on the investigation of a haunted location. Therefore, not only will your compass point out instances of EM fields, but the directions things travel, or the directions in which certain rooms or that where objects are situated have meaning in the general design of paranormal activity.

Spirits may be able to manifest within the full spectrum of energies due to their shedding of physical form, but because of our inability to see these spectrums with the naked eye we must rely on equipment designed specifically to monitor and document those ranges.

In order for a spirit to manifest itself or manipulate objects it must draw on the energy present in a location. This exchange causes the physical environment to be affected in quantifiable way.

The normal state of the surrounding air temperature is called ambient temperature. Theoretically, hot and cold spots are areas where a higher than average temperature inconsistent with the environment is recorded along with paranormal events.

Electromagnetic energy is a hybrid of electrical and magnetic fields that binds nature and surrounds the planet. Spirit energies generate energy contained in the electromagnetic spectrum. Many groups say that high sensitivity to EMF manifests in nausea, paranoia, and hallucinations but there are no official studies conducted that prove EMF levels of any type have these effects. In fact ANY residential setting has a significant EMF field.

One thing I’d like to make note of is that Microwave radiation often gives false readings to EMF devices.

The Sun and Moon provide several states which affect a paranormal investigation, but for time constraints I will discuss these next time, as whittling them down to fit into a single article would not do them justice.

As always, keep your senses sharp, your equipment calibrated, and your eyes focused across the great divide.