Astral Travel, Lesson 12

Space Ship

There are several different variations of this same traveling method. Most involve creating your own room/work space/ laboratory. I created this variation because it was easier for me to travel to and work with.

With your eye mask on, get into a meditative state using your preferred method. I think that this one will be easier if you lay down, but of course be in the position that works best for you. Once you are in your meditative state, and you are calm, quiet, and still, a bright light beams down upon you from above. This light is white with blue, red, orange hues. It is warm. You are glad to see this light.

The light covers your entire body and gently pulls you free of your body (practice this as a visualization exercise until it becomes an OBE). You slowly ascend up, up, up feeling safe, loved, and confident.

The light pulls you up through your room, then through your ceiling, up into the dark sky and all the while you know that you are safe and no matter what is going on in your life right now you are truly happy.

The light carries you up into a great spaceship. You immediately feel a sense of familiarity with this ship and you are happy to be there. A door in the floor closes behind you as you remain in the same position you started in. Now look around. The room you are in is very large. It is dark. There is at least one being with you, maybe more (this will change from time to time). They are here to help you. You understand this as soon as you see them. If, however, someone frightens you, simply tell them that you are scared and they will change themselves in a way that no longer frightens you. Sometimes you will be able to see their faces, sometimes you won’t.

For now the walls all appear to be metal. This may change from time to time or as you will it. For now, don’t put too much energy into changing the decorum. Stand up. The beings with you may speak with you, and you with them. Or not. Allow and accept whatever happens because in here you are always safe and happy.

Walk towards the large console. This is where all questions will be answered and all problems will be solved. A gigantic see-through screen is in front of the console. This screen is interactive: you can draw with it, build everything from structures to ideas to scenarios…anything you wish. Use this to problem solve, to use the Law of Attraction, to get answers to questions…the uses are endless. The beings around you will help whenever they can and when ever you ask them to.

Take your time. You can be in this ship for hours and hours. There is no time limit.

When you are finished, give thanks to the ship and to everyone who was there for you. Lay back down and you will be taken home.