Gems of the Goddess


Some may think of her as a daemon, and even a fallen angel, but Lilith is far beyond what she is perceived as.  Legend says that Lilith was the first women created, not Eve.  Lilith and Adam were put on earth to reproduce, and when Adam started to take the dominant position during intercourse by being on top, Lilith just wouldn’t have it.  She asked him why he insisted this, and he replied by saying that she was a women.  Lilith became enraged, and argued that since they were created by the same creator, that they were both equals.  When Adam still refused Lilith left the Garden Of Eden, and God created Eve; the perfect submissive wife.  During the time when Adam and Eve created children, Lilith fled to the Red Sea where she met fallen angel Samael.  Together they created rather barbaric children known as “Lilin”, who were seen as demonic figures.  Lilith was also known to seduce men in their sleep to create more children, as God was killing most of them off in punishment for her not returning to the Garden Of Eden.

Another legend says that she was the serpent who tempted Eve to eat the apple, along with the belief that she is the first witch, teaching all of her children small ways of magic.

There is a lot of death and destruction associated with Lilith’s name, but she is also known as the goddess of re-birth and birth itself.  She is seen as more of a darker goddess, because she is very bold and acts upon whatever urges she has, not matter what they are.  But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have helpful urges.  Modern day Lilith helps during childbirth as well as abortions.  She can help with any frightening aspect of ones life, if they are ready for an abrupt and to the point outcome.  She doesn’t hesitate in her decisions, and has a very palpable presence.

Overall, this goddess should not be feared or seen as a hateful being.  She is now able to be seen in a different light.  Many myths and stories are associated with Lilith, that can even become a bit controversial.  One thing for sure is that she is a goddess of extraordinary power and impact on history and the world today.  She certainly lingers in the places no one dares to go, ready to unlock the beauty hidden within, and help us face the tragedy in our lives.


Lilith would encourage you to do what makes you happy.  Try doing something for yourself, or get something done your way for a change.  Most of the people who are highly successful in endeavors, didn’t get there by being sweet all the time.  If you have inner nudging’s, act upon them.

Another way to connect with Lilith is to evoke her spirit into one of your dark moon rituals.  Again, Lilith is very to the point in whatever you ask her help with, so be ready, and don’t fear her.  Maybe she’s not all smiles all the time, but she is wisdom at its finest hour.  If you were to call on her, she is sure to be there.


Owls, dark moon, serpent, tree, wormwood, cinnamon, dark colored candles, lilies